Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blog Post 134

Many vehicles were shown at the Los Angeles Auto show a couple of months back. Early last month in the Detroit, the North American International Auto Show was home to several more reveals.

Yes, I am a month late. Sad huh? I only have 3 vehicles to highlight, one already going into production, one that needs to be in production, and one that probably will end up in production in one form or another.

#1 is the CTS Coupe Concept.
The front end isn't a huge departure from the sedan, obviously the car is much lower, bigger wheels, and a few of other options that would never make production. I wonder what it will look like in production trim? Will there be a CTC-V?
The interior also doesn't stray too far from the production sedan, albeit with a little more dress up as far as the seats and dash go. Hopefully the V-series comes with some flavor of the Carbon Fiber pictured above, man it looks sweet.
Really a bad angle for the Concept. The rear quarter panel is odd, and the rear bumper looks very high up in the air. Not bad, just odd proportions.

#2 The Hummer HX Concept.
A baby Hummer. Not a Mini-Me H2 like the H3 ended up looking(which isn't necessarily a bad thing).. This Concept is what Hummer has needed to build for a long time. How many years have we heard about them competing directly with the Jeep Wrangler?
The concept seats 4, has a removeable glass hatch cover(not picture obviously) and has some pretty cool other options. Slap an H4 badge on this bitch and release it GM.

#3 The Cadillac Provoq Concept.
This concept is built on the E-Flex Fuel cell platform. A platform showing off Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles usually means said vehicles would probably not be released. Never you mind, Cadillac merely used this to show the versatility of the platform, while showing off what very well may be their mini SUV. They have said they need an SUV smaller than the SRX(which is in need of a redesign).
Supposedly inside and out this concept will look very similar when it comes to production for Cadillac, just don't expect a fuel cell.

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