Saturday, March 31, 2007

GTA IV Trailer - Controversy

The Trailer is there. Looks like the next chapter in the saga that is Grand Theft Auto, returns to the place where its 3-d roots began, Liberty City. And it looks like they got a new physics engine, which was a long time coming (the engine used on GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, and Vice City Stories was all the same, and it originally was used on a game called Body Harvest for the Nintendo 64, so it pretty much had overstayed its welcome).

But, wherever GTA goes, controversy follows. In the 1 minute trailer there are images of the Statue of Liberty, Empire St. building, and many other things. Of course, this is a fictional New York, but it didn't stop New York Mayor Bloomberg or many other people from getting upset about it.

"Setting Grand Theft Auto in the safest big city in America would be like setting Halo in Disneyland" - City Councilman Peter Vallone

"The mayor does not support any video game where you earn points for injuring or killing police officers" - Jason Post, spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg.

Let's not mention that if you do kill a police officer on the game, your heat level goes up, and police begin to persue you. No instead lets tell people you are REWARDED for killing cops, and the article even mentions selling porn to children! Where are they getting this?

This is becoming more common today. The game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, based in the city of Las Vegas, you infiltrate Casinos and other Vegas locations to stop terrorists. The City of Las Vegas was very upset about this game.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 is the sequel to the game where you save the Mexican president. These games are set around the year 2013, and in this time there is a wall between the border of Mexico and the US. You infiltrate the border and do missions trying to stop Mexican Rebels. The Mexican Government went as far as removing all copies of the game from circulation.

So as graphics progress and storylines go beyond the norm, and extend to issues that may be controversial, the video game industry gets a bad name for itself. And this is at a time when more people play games worldwide than ever before. Will people accept video games in the mainstream? I guess the Wii, even though it is nothing but two gamecube's taped together, can help bring it back to the forefront. (Hecker said what most people were thinking, in my opinion.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Schroyer to Wyoming-Langley following

Prepare for the "screamer" Cowboy fans

What we know:

As most everyone knows by now, Fresno State assistant Coach Heath Schroyer has taken the head job at Wyoming and will take over the program that was previously headed by Steve McClain.

Questions following Schroyers departure:

As soon as it was known that Schroyer was headed to Laramie there were three immediate thoughts that came to mind.

1. Which assistants would Schroyer be taking with him?

2. Which players that Schroyer and the assistants had been recruiting possibly end up at Wyoming?

3. Who will Cleveland bring in as his new assistants?

We have an answer to number 1 and that was the more obvious. Schroyer's best friend is Fresno State assistant Fred Langley so his departure was no surprise as he will be Schroyers associate Head Coach at Wyoming.

Cleveland assistant Senque Carey will be staying with the program thankfully and be promoted to associate head coach it would seem. Losing half of a staff is understandable given their opportunities, but losing the whole staff would have been detrimental in my eyes.

Quick Schroyer bio:

This had been Schroyers 3rd stint as an assistant with Coach Steve Cleveland. He was an assistant at Fresno City College in 96-97 and BYU 97-01. Ironically, Schroyer then went on to be an assistant for Wyoming Coach Steve McClain for one season, the same McClain he is now replacing.

He left Wyoming be the Head Coach at Portland State for 3 seasons, leading them to the Big Sky Championship in 04-05. After Portland State he returned to Fresno to coach with Cleveland. Another odd twist is the fact that the Athletic Director who fired Schroyer at Portland State is the same one that hired him at Wyoming.

Recruiting Effects:

How will the departures affect recruiting I dont know, but it will have an impact for sure. The Bulldogs #1 off season recruiting need is a post presence, if Schroyer and Langley were the ones on those players trail, expect one of them to either end up in Laramie or another school altogether. Langley is a solid recruiter, he was credited with bringing in Quinton Hosley who was a two time all-WAC 2nd team selection.

Hole to fill defensively or not?:

Schroyers intensity on the defensive side of the floor will be missed. He was the coach that kept players up and demanded that they get the little things done on the defensive end. The Bulldogs were a much improved defensive squad in 06-07 and led the WAC in multiple defensive categories. He was also the one coach that showed great enthusiasm and tried to raise players intensity levels.

Possible replacements for the departed:

As for possible replacements I have no clue and will not even attempt to put a list together or throw any names out. There have been some rumors and names thrown around but most I dont see as any real option. The main thing is for Cleveland to get one really solid defensive teacher in one assistant and some who obsesses over little things because the head coach cannot micromanage all aspects of coaching. The other assistant needs to have good connections to help in recruiting, hopefully one with Southern California ties.

Well wishes:

Lastly, Id like to say that I hope Schroyer and Langley are able to build a solid program at Wyoming. They were great assistants for Steve Cleveland and the only time I will be rooting against these two is in recruiting and in head to head matchups with the Bulldogs. Best of luck to both Schroyer and Langley, and im really going to miss the "screamer" at the Save Mart Center next season.

Wyoming Guard Ewing "not worried"

Cowboys New Era

Thursday, March 22, 2007

G37 leak - Caddy V12 back? - M3 Powerplant

The G37 I mentioned a few posts down has broken embargo, And when it rains, it pours. Road and Track put their issue for next month online a little early, and with New York Auto Show 2 weeks away, showed everyone what the car looks like. And pretty much every other outlet released their pictures as well.

The G37 will have upgrade the old 3.5L V6 and use a 3.7L, increasing horsepower and torque to an estimated 330 and 270 ft lbs. respectively. Brakes are also said to be upgraded, decreasing stopping distance. The car is now weighing in at nearly 3,700 lbs, which is not light by any stretch given its proportions.

The problem I have with this car, and most of Nissan/Infinity really, is the uninspired styling. Look at the 350Z, look at the G35. The Murano, and the FX 45. The Pathfinder Armada, and the QX56. Take a look at the new Altima Coupe even. I have no problem with platform sharing, and Nissan has hardly any platforms, but the cheaper Nissans look every bit the same as their more expensive Infiniti counterparts. Perhaps with time they will grow apart in styling, but for now, not happening. Maybe the Twin Turbo G37 I mentioned will look alot different from Skyline. And I am sure they will both be really cheap. Now that's sarcasm!
According to Automotive News, the on-again off-again V12 in development for Cadillac is back on-again. The very nice 3.6L V6 GM uses in the CTS, the Outlook/Acadia/Enclave, and other vehicles, is said to be fused together with another 3.6, making a 7.2L V-12. Said to produce somewhere around 600hp and 540 ft lbs. It is also currently said to be testing in the land down under at Holden, where GM is sending alot of its products and vehicles to test.

What might we see a V12 in from Cadillac? Let me recall 2 concepts for you.
2001 Cadillac Cien Concept. Mid-Engine, RWD.
2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept. Front-Engine, RWD.
The first, the Cien, is an absolute beauty. I love that car to death. The Sixteen is a great example of what Cadillac was and what it hopes to become. Cadillac had a V16 decades ago, but because of technologica deficiencies it never came to fruition. But now that technology is no longer a hurdle, it was a car to showcase Cadillac's climb back to the forefront.

This new V12 will likely end up not in a Cien type car(like the Audi R8 we here love so much) but in a large front-engine car, something like the Sixteen concept, a huge Sedan most likely, something that can compete with the Mercedes S-class. A car like this will cost a huge amount, but GM is still the King of performance for the price. I can't imagine this Cadillac costing more than its Mercedes counterpart, and it should match it in every aspect from ride quality, acceleration, quality of materials, and overall presence.
M3 V8
What's that M3 concept? You want me inside?
The last item for today is the new V8 going into the new M3. With the Twin-turbo V6 in the 335i making 300hp(rated) and the previous M3 making around 340, this new M3 is going to be a big step upward in the power department. Taken from the M5/M6's 5.0L V10, the new V8 is 4.0L. Said to produce 420hp and 295ft lbs. of torque, this engine apparently loves to rev, having a redline somewhere above 8,000RPM.

We all love high horsepower engines, but a sub 300 torque rating is somewhat disappointing. I guess that's what you get when you go high feature.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good while it lasted-McGuire declares for NBA Draft

The end of the reign of Dom on the WAC

McGuire Exploring options:

Fresno State Junior Forward Dominic McGuire has declared for the NBA draft. He is without an agent at this point which allows for him to return if things dont go to his liking.

I will say though to not get your hopes up Bulldog fans because Dom fully intends to be playing in the NBA next season. He has 9 weeks to prepare for the all important Orlando pre-draft camp. He needs to show the ability to hit the midrange shot and finish around the rim more consistently.

He has so many great attributes, even some were held back due to the fact he was forced to play the four for the Bulldogs this season. He has the size at 6'8, the wingspan, quickness, jumping ability, and ballhandling to be an intriguing prospect. He will be a small forward at the NBA level and will give up nothing physically to the competition.

A lot will remain to be seen after the NCAA tourney and in the coming weeks as other college players begin to decide on their basketball futures. At this point McGuire is projected as a late 1st round pick from a few sources.

If he shows well and some other college stars either dont show well or decide to stay in school then look for his stock and status to raise. If more players come out coupled with his inability to show a solid midrange game he may slip into the 2nd round.

If he falls to the second round (I dont see it) then there is a possibility you may see him back in a Bulldog uniform next season. No guaranteed money in the second round would be the driving force in him returning to Fresno State.

What it mean for the Bulldogs:

It becomes a problem without a doubt. Although many realized McGuire would test the waters there was the expectation that he may return. His return for a senior season puts the Bulldogs as a projected 2nd place lock in the WAC and would give them a real opportunity to win the WAC and get an NCAA birth.

McGuire staying would surely have seen him play the three next season and showcase his talents on the wing instead of being forced to play in the post. We saw glimpses of what he could bring to the Bulldogs if they would be able to add a true post player.

The only slight, and I mean slight positive to McGuire leaving woulf be the ability to sign a high school forward with the ability to come in and play 20-25 mintutes per game right away. A player like Edison (Fresno) High star forward Darshawn McClellan. Chances are Cleveland and staff will have a difficult time selling Fresno State to any high school senior including McClellan.

The only selling point the Bulldogs have to an incoming freshman is playing time. They are being negative-recruited without a doubt, the location isnt the greatest, the conference is not well thought of, and there is no real TV deal. Too many strikes against against the FSU program at the present time.

The dream scenario:

The dream scenario involves looking through the eyes of the Fresno State Basketball program which would start with the return of Dominic McGuire. He returns to be the senior leader with point guard Kevin Bell and becomes the WAC player of the year averaging 16 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists per game.

The Bulldogs new additions of Rekalin Sims (Kentucky), Bryan Harvey (Louisville), and Kevin Galloway (USC), provide the depth, athleticism, and toughness that the squad needed so badly in 07'. The Bulldogs win the WAC going 8-0 at home and 5-3 on the road. They lose in the final of the WAC tournament and receive a 7 seed into the NCAA tourney.

Now it is obvious that these are very hopeful projections but there is without a doubt a lot of potential on the team as we know it to be for sure. If Cleveland can somehow land one true post player and a high school guard or forward things look even better.

After an NCAA tourney run the Bulldogs get over the hump, McGuire is a lottery pick, and suddenly it is acceptable for a high schooler to sign with the (gasp!) Fresno State Bulldogs. Maybe there is even an opportunity to sign a local high school player which would be huge.

The importance of the 07-08 season:

This is why I see the 07-08 season as the defining year for Coach Steve Cleveland. He had a 5 year plan and wanted to first restore the integrity to a broken program. He needed a quick fix to be competitive early so he went the only way he could which was the transfer route. It allowed him to make the Bulldogs competitive but it takes high school players ultimately to sustain a program.

He has hinged success on the tranfers coming through for him and building a reputation and parlaying that into high school signings. With McGuire leaving Clevelands plans take hit but there is still enough of a nucleus provided 3 more key signing are made to make the run and continue the growth that Cleveland set out for.

Up next:

I will try to look at the returners and the new faces that we know of an what they will need to bring to the table to make up for the lack of McGuire and to put the program in the position it needs to be for the future.

Lets all hope that Cleve, Senque, Heath, and Fred are making some kind of headway out on the recruiting front. These are very critical times and they must come out of this whole process with some key contributors immediately and into the future. (Crosses fingers for a true post presence)


Best of luck to Dominic in his quest to make it to and compete in the NBA. Hope he gets after it in the next two months and shows the scouts an GMs what a true gem he is. He has been a pleasure to watch for this one season and throwing out the longevity factor, he is one of the 5 best players to ever play at Fresno State.

If things arent exactly looking the way that Dom expects them to then he knows the fans and the community of Fresno would love to have him back for what would be a special senior season. He could be part of building something great at this University. Either way, Im glad he chose to spend at least one season here in the No.

Fresno Bee on McGuire
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Measured Buildup Heads to the Track

Look at me Im a boy racer in a V car!
I clunked my way to 125 MPH too!

A Godsend of a Road Course is Buttonwillow

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

KTM X-Bow, BLS Wagon, G37?

The KTM X-Bow was finally revealed at the Geneva Motor Show recently. But instead of those stupid showroom floor glamour photos, here it is on a track testing. This is KTM's first foray in 4 wheel, better known as makers of Motorcycles.

The engine in the X-Bow is an Audi sourced turbocharged and intercooled direct injection 4 cylinder beast, producing about 220 hp and 220 ft lbs of torque. Curb weight is just over 1500 lbs. This is aimed at a very small yet intriguing market, one where the Ariel Atom is very well known.

Time will tell how this purpose built track car will do.
The somewhat unsuccessful Saab in Cadillac's clothing, the Cadillac BLS, now has a new variant. Also revealed at the Geneva Motor show, this car really is platform sharing at its best. If you looked at the picture of this car, would you think it is rolling on a Saab chassis?

Cadillac is trying their best in Europe, giving them a car that only a European could love, a Wagon. I am not saying this is an unattractive car, because overall its not bad, but its still a wagon, and I only get excited about cars that get somewhere south of 15 miles per gallon.
The G35 coupe is no more. No, Infiniti is not exciting the coupe market, their G35 coupe will now be reffered to as G37. Not only that, but apparently there are whispers of a 500hp twin turbo version somewhere around 2010. This, after it was announced that the Skyline GT-R would be branded Nissan in the US. The aforementioned G37 has not been officially revealed as of yet, people say the rendering above is pretty dead on.

Pictures from Autoblog

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

FSU v. Georgia Preview

Key to the game: UGA Junior Forward Takais Brown

The Fresno State Bulldogs traveled to Athens Georgia for a 4pm tipoff at Stegeman Coliseum to face the Georgia Bulldogs. This is the third meeting for the two teams with the series split 1-1. Fresno State enters with a 22-9 record while Georgia enters with an 18-13 record. The game will be televised on ESPN2 and will be called by Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes.

Keys for the Georgia Bulldogs:

-High intensity from the opening tip as FSU struggles early
-Establish Takais Brown in the post early and often
-Brown must react to the double team quickly either score it or find open shooters
-Levi Stukes must get some early looks from three
-Get to the free throw line and get FSU in foul trouble (no depth)
-Outrebound FSU like they have done to teams all season
-Pound the Bulldogs on the offensive glass
-Force turnovers and frustrate Forward Dominic McGuire and Quinton Hosley
-Make plays defensively and get into transition

Keys for the Fresno State Bulldogs:

-Avoid early lapses defensively and quick shots in the opening minutes
-Double team Takais Brown quick and recover to shooters
-Do not give Brown the same look continuously, get in his head.
-McGuire and Hosley cannot afford early foul issues
-Show patience offensively and value possessions
-Take advantage of free throw attempts by making 70%
-Kevin Bell being assertive and scoring on penetration
-Eddie Miller and Hector Hernandez need to provide some 3 pt shooting

Random thoughts on the Bulldogs of Fresno State:

Come out ready to play and if there is any hint of let up or sluggishness, Coach Steve Cleveland must call a timeout. They should not fall in love with the three point shot early. Kevin Bell on penetration, or post ups from Hosley and McGuire should be focal points early.

Eddie Miller will get open looks off of effective offensive execution in the early going. He must allow the game to come to him along with Hector Hernandez. Miller must also be willing to put the ball on the floor to create for himself or others. He has improved on that facet as of late.

Bench play, well the 3 potential contributors, could be key. Although the starters expect to log minutes in the mid to upper 30s, a contribution from Alex Blair (Flu last time out) Sean Taylor (A homecoming game basically) or AJ Riding (Senior walk-on guard) would be helpful.

Blair and Taylor could aid in the defense of Brown and provide help on the boards and energy on both ends of the floor. Their impact can be made in few minutes. Its not that they need to score but rather a steal, block, offensive or defensive rebound, or keeping a ball alive to make a play.

In the end though, the key to the game rests in the hands of the senior Hosley, McGuire, and Bell. They will be the three that have done the most late in the season and will be counted on yet again to play huge minutes but perform consistent and on both ends of the floor.

MBs Take:

It’s a road game, but it wont be as hostile as the WAC road games the Bulldogs were able to win late in the season. With Georgia on Spring Break, it looks to be a smaller crowd then the season average.

Dominic McGuire was a man in the first half of the Boise game, he was hampered without Hosley in the second half. If he can continue play on that level and Hosley can bring back his inspired play then things will go well.

Kevin Bell has been great late in the season, he is scoring more and has raised his assists per game also. He will need to control tempo and keep everyone on the same page. It wont be a running game, but it wont be a grind it out halfcourt affair. He is in charge of finding that balance.

All that said, I think that the Fresno State Bulldogs will leave Athens with a 4 point victory.

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Takais Brown is key for Georgia
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Monday, March 12, 2007

A statistical look at FSU v. Georgia

-Stegeman Coliseum and 10,500 Georgia fans await-


Georgia top 3 scorers-

#42 6'8" Junior Forward Takais Brown-14.1 ppg, 5.8 rpg
#33 6'4" Sophmore Guard Mike Mercer-13.6 ppg, 4.4 rpg
#14 6'2" Sophmore Guard Levi Stukes-12.2 ppg, 76 3Pt Fgs

Fresno State top 3 scorers-

#14 6'7" Senior Forward Quinton Hosley-14.1 ppg, 8.9 rpg
#3 6'8" Junior Forward Dominic McGuire-13.5 ppg, 9.8 rpg, 110 blks
#21 6'9" Junior F/C Hector Hernandez-10.8 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 69 3Pt Fgs

Georgia Assist and Steals leaders-

#2 6'1" Junior Guard Sundiata Gaines-142 assists, 66 steals

Fresno State Assists and Steals leaders-

#1 5'10 Junior Guard Kevin Bell-169 assists, 40 steals

A look at FSU-Georgia team statistics:

Points per game-UGA 75.4, FSU 71.1
Opp points per-UGA 68.3, FSU 65.5

Field Goal %-UGA 46%, FSU 42%
Opp FG %-UGA 43%, FSU 38%

3 point FG %-UGA 38%, FSU 34%
Opp 3Pt FG %-UGA 35%, FSU 30%

Free throw %-UGA 67%, FSU 65%

Rebounding Margin-UGA +5.8, FSU -3.0

Assists/TOs game-UGA 14.8/15.7, FSU 14.3/13.4

Opponent TOs per game-UGA 16.1, FSU 13.8

Steals per game-UGA 8.9, FSU 5.8

Blocks per game-UGA 4.6, FSU 6.5


We will get into what to expect from each team Wednesday, what key areas to focus on, and I will make my usual close but wrongheaded prediciton. Lets hope the Bulldogs of Fresno can pull the road upset and extend Q. Hosleys senior season.

Georgia Coach on Postseason birth:

Coach Felton SEC Teleconference

Georgia Coach Dennis Felton:


Georgia Roster:


Stegeman Coliseum:


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dogs season will continue vs. Georgia in NIT

-A chance to finish the way we expect Q to: playing hard-

About the "new" postseason NIT:

The Bulldogs were able to get a bid to the new version of the postseason NIT Sunday night. The new tournament is down to 32 teams from the 40 team tournament it was prior. There are 4 regions seeded 1-8 similar to the NCAA tournament and there is a selection committee in each region made up of former coaches and administrators like Dean Smith and CM Newton.

Opponent and seeding:

The Bulldogs were given a #5 seed in the west region and are matched up with the #4 seed Georgia Bulldogs out of the SEC, it sets up the epic NIT matchup of the Bulldogs. The game is set for 4pm Wednesday on ESPN2 and will be played at the Stegeman Coliseum in Athens.

A bit about the Bulldogs of Georgia:

Georgia enters with an 18-13 overrall record and an 8-8 record in the SEC East, which was the the tougher side of the SEC that sent 4 of its 6 teams to the NCAA tournament. The SEC East featured Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky.

Key wins for Georgia include at Wake Forest, Gonzaga, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and at Arkansas.

The Bulldogs have 4 players in double figure scoring led by junior forward Takais Brown at 14.1 ppg, Brown also leads the Bulldogs with 5.8 rebounds per game.

Few things I noticed: Georgia averages 75 ppg and shoots 46% from the field as a team. The one issue they look to have is there near 16 turnover per game average, although they force nearly the same amount.

Georgia averaged about 7500 fans in their 17 home games this season.

Redemption for Q?:

I feel good for senior forward Quinton Hosley who was a big part of the reason the Bulldogs melted down in the second half of the first round of the WAC tournament versus Boise State. Much maligned for obvious reasons (prick) Coby Karl baited Hosley to throw the elbow on a scuffle for a rebound. Unfortunately Hosley threw it and was ejected at the 17 minute mark of the second half.

That ejection depleted a Bulldog team even further when they were already thin in the depth department. Without Hosleys team leading 14.1 ppg and 9 rebounds it was too much to hold off the Boise State charge.

Hosley has been nothing but class in his two seasons with the Bulldogs. The incident versus Boise State was the first poor on or off court decision he has made since he has arrived in Fresno. Im glad Q gets the opportunity to play another game and go out in his hustling, sellout style of basketball.

Game preview:

Look for a full game preview on Tuesday with a more in depth look at the other Bulldogs and what needs to be accomplished to come away with a road win.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The beginning of a special run?

Can KB and the Dogs pull off the unthinkable?

The 3 seeded Fresno State Bulldogs are in Las Cruces for the WAC tournament to take on the 6 seed Boise State Broncos. The two teams split the season series with each home team coming away victorious, the Broncos 65-61 in Boise and the Bulldogs 78-77 in Fresno on Kevin Bells last second jumper.

Who does it for Boise:

Coby Karl- Karl is the leading scorer for the Broncos at 14.8 ppg and averages 4 rebounds and 4 assists per game. He is capable of leading his team and if he catches fire look out. The Bulldogs have contained and frustrated Karl in both meetings this season.

Matt Nelson- Second on the team in scoring at 13.9 ppg and leads the team in rebounding at 9 per contest. Plays well with his back to the basket but does not shoot outside of 12 feet and shoots nearly 59% from the field. Must keep Nelson from getting deep post position or it could be a long night.

Reggie Larry- Tied with Nelson at 13.9 ppg and second in rebounds at 8.1 per game. Plays well with his back to the basket and has a decent midrange jumper. Scored 19 against the Bulldogs in Fresno. Only threat to block shots for the Broncos at around 2 per game.

Eric Lane- Can shoot the three well when his feet are set and he is in rhythm. Second on the Broncos in 3 pointers made. Made 7 threes in two games against the Bulldogs. Must limit his open looks and be aware of his court location.

Who will do it for the Bulldogs:

Kevin Bell- Bell has been playing extremely welland has scoring the ball at a high rate of late. He has directed his team well, distributed, and penetrated and finished through the 6 game winning streak. The Bulldogs need his toughness and playmaking to continue.

Quinton Hosley- Heart and soul of the team and he is a key rebounder and playmaker. Will be asked to chase Koby Karl around and frustrate him with his length and quick jumping ability. Must avoid foul trouble and must get to the rim and finish. Free throws must go down.

Dominic McGuire- Must provide a post up game and take it strong to the rim. Must help keep the Broncos off the offensive glass and change shots with his shot blocking ability but avoid the silly fouls. If he can get a midrange game going he could be lethal. Free throws have been a real issue must improve or success will be hindered.

Eddie Miller- Needs to find open spots and pull the trigger. Has to use screens effectively and be willing to step back and shoot the 25 footer. Also must help on the boards and play solid defense. Must be confident and let it fly from three.

The rest:

Bulldogs must slow the Boise transition game that they held in check in Boise but had some issues with in Fresno. Finding shooters and closing out hard is critical.

Must front the post and fight hard over the top on ball reversal. Cannot let Matt Nelson and Reggie Larry get deep post position or they could be in for a long night.

Coach Steve Cleveland needs to use his timeouts wisely to try to get his high minute starters a breather, yet have some in his pocket for setting up a play or late in the game to comeback from deficit.

The free throw shooting has to be 65% or better. Cannot win games shooting 40%.

Show patience offensively, no quick jumpers in transition when the Broncos on a run. Need to minimize the size of Bronco runs, need answers and cannot get out to an early deficit.

Lastly, the Bulldogs must keep themselves in the game and keep it close throughout. If they can get to the final 4 minutes tied or with a small lead they have the confidence and recent game experience to pull out the victory.

MBs take:

This is not going to be an easy go of it for the Bulldogs. The Dogs need timely shooting, more of the great defensive effort, and to avoid foul issues and make free throw shots to get this thing done Thursday night.

It is going to take a huge effort from all 5 starters and hopefully the 3 bench players can combine to make any sort of impact to help alleviate the starters load just a bit.

If they can stay close and keep Boise from making any large, demoralizing runs then they will be in it and have a shot. If they come out and struggle early, Cleveland cannot hesitate to call the quick timeout.

It will take a great defensive effort, timely shooting, poise at the free throw line, competitiveness on the boards, and good coaching decisions to get this thing done.

In the end of it all I cannot go against the Bulldogs momentum and do not forsee Quinton Hosley going out against BSU so Q and the boys will pull out a nailbiter 73-70.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Postseason honors for Hosley and McGuire

2nd team all WAC-all defensive and newcomer teams
2nd team all WAC for 2 consecutive seasons

I just wanted to make a post on the accomplishments of these 2 Bulldogs before the WAC tournament begins Thursday and I throw out the game preview tomorrow.

Q. Hosley:

Both players are very deserving and I believe that Quinton Hosley should have been on the first team over Boise States Koby Karl. If the league didnt think Hosley was good enough then they should have considered Ramon Sessions of Nevada.

Take Hosley off of the FSU team and they are no better than 6th place and the product on the court would look much different. The guy is the heart and soul of his team and his effort cannot be bested by anyone on that first team.

Hosley goes down as one of my favorite Bulldogs of all time and he only played here for two seasons. His attitude on and off the court is commendable and he continues to work hard through his adversity and success.

Hopefully, he can put three special games together in Las Cruces on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to remind the league there is no doubt he should have been on the first team.

D. McGuire:

McGuire came in with much promise after transferring from Cal, I expected 10-12 points and 6-8 rebounds from him and he has more than delivered. The biggest surprise was his ability to block shots (107) at a high rate. Since the Bulldogs lack a true post presence, McGuire provided the only intimidating force in the paint. He has not only blocked many shots he has changed quite a few too.

He was an obvious second team all-WAC and defensive and newcomer team selection. When you block 3.5 shots per game and get 9.7 boards you belong on the all-defensive team. He was an instant impact and gave the Bulldogs a huge boost from the get go.

McGuires versatility has been welcome because he is able to run the break and handle the point duties at times even though Kevin Bell is going the distance these days. He has also shown the ability to pass the ball and find open teamates. He is not a selfish player at all and he only averages 10 shots per game in 33 minutes.

To Reiterate:

Congrats to both Dom and Q and we will definately miss a class act in Q and we all look forward to Dom returning for his senior season and with the influx of talent for the 08' season, Fresno State needs a leader and that will be Dominic McGuire.

Up Next:

The Bulldogs play 6 seed Boise State Thursday in their opening round WAC game in Las Cruces. The Broncos have eliminated the Dogs each of the last two times they met in the WAC tournament.

I should have the preview up sometime tomorrow or by Thursday AM and Im looking forward to the Bulldogs gutting it out and making a run in the same fashion they have shown during the current 6-game winning streak.

Postseason honors for 2 Bulldogs

Saturday, March 03, 2007

#3 in the WAC

40 Minutes, 25 Points, 7 Assists.

I didn't get a chance to see the game live, and am watching it now starting around 10:15pm. This is JB by the way, so forgive me for not being nearly as articulate or as knowledgeable as my brother.

Fresno St. came out with alot of energy. By the time they reached the under 16 timeout, they were up 12-8 and everybody had been involved. You could see early on that FS was letting them get too many easy shots in the paint, but still, the effort was there. This was the time that Utah St. threw in a quick zone to try and slow down FS.

And slow Fresno down it did. Fresno was not really pushing the issue against the zone, passing it around the perimeter, and allowing USU to dictate pace. Fresno took some quick shots, and what was a quick start has come to a screeching halt.

FS began to turn the ball over, miss lay ups, and needed to stop taking shots early in the clock. KB played huge down the 2nd 10minutes of the first half. He took it into the paint and drew fouls twice when FS needed it most, and kept his team in the game. FS was down 7 with about 4 minutes to go, and did an excellent job on capitalizing on oppurtunities to cut USU's halftime lead to 2. KB even banked a 3 in from the corner (I had to watch this 3 or 4 times because it didn't seem possible).

Carroll came out early in the 2nd half and really tried to press the issue. He knew he needed to get into the game, and hit an early 3 that we all hoped was not a sign of things to come. You could tell that a big halftime adjustment for Fresno was to work the inside game more, and take advantage of mis-matches.

Dom got 2 quick fouls around the 14 minute mark, questionable calls. Fresno has been lucky avoiding foul trouble in a majority of their games however. The game really started to pick up pace, but not many points were being scored until around the 8 minute mark. From then, until the 3 minute mark, both teams traded baskets on many straight possessions, and Fresno maintained a small lead throughout.

FS caught some breaks down the stretch, Hosley got a three to rattle, USU had a rebound off of a missed free throw snared, and lost it out of bounds. They didn't particularly shot well from the line down the stretch, but USU had an inability to score effectively and it was one of those games that fell Fresno's way for once.

-Little bench output
-Didn't attack the rim in the 1st half
-41.7% FG shooting 25/60
-39.3% Free Throws 11/28
-Allowed Spicer to score 22, And DuCharme 13 off the bench.

-Low turnovers(8)
-Playing while tired
-37% 3pt fg's... 10 for 27
-41.7% FG shooting 25/60 ( I know it's on negatives, but over 40% is actually pretty high for Fresno St.)

-Getting Carroll in foul trouble, making him a non-factor when it mattered most, only scoring 6 points.

Kevin Bell was fantastic(8-12 FG, 7-12 FT, 7 assists). He did everything you want your PG to do, and then some. You really cannot expect this much output from him every night, and the team around him needs to adjust to situations and get it to the rim like KB did when they needed it.

Quinton Hosley did not have a very good shooting game(3-11, 9 points), but hit the glass hard with 12 rebounds, and was guarding Carroll alot of the game. Did what was asked of him, and looked more tired than anybody through certain stretches. Great effort.

Dominic McGuire came out after halftime and went inside. They were perimeter oriented in the 1st half, and he really came out and sparked his team. His presence on the interior was felt in the 2nd half. He finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Hector Hernandez was 3-7 from the field, with 7 points on 8 rebounds. Overall a solid effort, happy with his ability to play tired, and really make it a point to get on the glass for his team.

Eddie Miller (12 points, 4-11 3pt fg's) made a nice contribution, and had possibly the most important defensive play late in the game when Utah St. had a wide open lay up on the backside, and he lept into the air and grabbed it with 2 hands.

You cannot expect the team to shoot well from the Free Throw line when they are getting no rest and the game was that fast paced. Rebounding was pretty even, 50 for USU 44 for Fresno. Overall it was an extremely good win, although alot of it had to do with Utah St. just coming up short down the stretch, with their sharpshooter Carroll silenced.


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