Monday, November 27, 2006

A much deserved post for #32

-It takes at least 3 to bring him down every attempt-

This is the post where I give the credit due to Fresno State RB Dwayne Wright. How hard would this season have been without the steady force that is Wright or shall we say the "offense" that was Dwayne Wright. After one season at the JC level at West Hills (Coalinga, Ca) Wright transferred to FSU and in 2003 rushed for 1,038 yards during a very productive sophmore season in which he was able to show his abilities but also left Bulldog fans excited to see where his progression would take him heading into the 2004 season. That season began with a 104 yard effort in a victory on the road at Washington. The following week was a road test at Kansas State in which the Bulldogs jumped all over the Wildcats early. I remember watching the game excited as ever of the effort that the Dogs were putting forth on both sides of the ball. Nothing saps away spirits in an early season win then a season-ending injury. Wright caught a screen pass and had a cavalcade of blockers in front of him which allowed him to break the 61 yard play. At the end of the run a KSU defender was able to run Wright down, and on that tackle end both Wright's season but ptentially his career. The knee injury was so severe that he missed not only the remainder of the 04 season but watched the 05 season also while rehabbing. The one thing Wright was able to accomplish besides regaining the strength in his knee was to add 25 pounds of muscle to an already sizeable frame.

Wright came into the 06 season with big thoughts on his mind, as did his teamates, coaches, and the fans that were thrilled to have him back. He had watched nearly 2 seasons of football while preparing himself diligently for the rigors of full contact and game speed. Heading into the season most knew that Wright was to be the key to success with uncertainty offensively under center but a solid returning offensive line. Since the Bulldogs were starting anew at the QB position, I was of the opinion that the first 3 games were going to be Wright shouldering the offensive burden while sophmore QB Tom Brandstater was limited in his passing load while he became accustomed to the offense and to reading defenses. After those early season tests, it was thought the passing offense would expand and provide the balance needed for both Brandstater's arm and Wright's legs to shine. My first 3 games theory was proven true as Wright rushed for 158 yards and 3 TDs in a payback game with Nevada to kickoff the season. In a home date with Oregon in which the special teams gave the victory to the Ducks, Wright carried 29 times for 154 yards and a TD, doing his part to lay the foundation for victory. The following week at Washington, Wright again carried the load again with 28 rushes for 136 yards and 2 Tds in a deflating road loss for the Dogs. With the passing game led by Brandstater unable to find any consistency or flow, teams began to load up the box to stop the only player that could hurt them in Wright. This led to 8 and 9 man fronts that began to dare the Bulldogs to throw the ball downfield. This was the point in the season where Wright began to see less carries and his effectiveness became very limited. To his credit, Wright stayed extremely positive and continued to do his work, never calling out any of his offensive mates and understanding the need to come together over the stretch where he saw his team lose 7 games in a row. He still played hard and put in some good rushing performances, but also was able to show off his pass catching abilites out of the backfield against Colorado State and LSU.

After the 35-0 defeat of Idaho at home where Wright carried only 19 times but amassed 133 yards, he announced as all had been speculating, that he would be leaving FSU to enter the NFL draft. He then followed up the next week with his signature performance at Louisiana Tech. He amassed 295 yards on 25 carries in a 34-27 victory, the Bulldogs 3rd in a row. His only TD of the game, a 33 yard burst, proved to be the game winner, a run in which I was yelling for him to get to the enzone as soon as he broke into the 2nd level of the defense. He broke the 54 year old school record with that total and finds himself 241 yards behind the single-season record with the San Jose road date his final opportunity of the season to break the record. The Louisiana Tech performance earned Wright WAC player of the week honors, the second time during the season that distinction was bestowed upon him.

Wright overcame a career threatening injury, proved to the scouts he can take a season worth of beating (One reamining game @ San Jose State on Sat.) and will be 24 in June. He also has a wife and 2 children and the time is now for Dwayne to utilize his talents along with having the opportunity to perform on the NFL level after all of the hard work and dedication he has put in. I wish him all the best and the NFL team that ends up drafting him with whatever pick he is taken will be blessed with not only a stout, hard-running, punishing back, but will also have a great person in the locker room who despite leaving a year of football behind will be getting his degree. I have much respect for Dwayne Wright and he became the main reason I enjoyed watching the Bulldogs this year despite the deflating season, and he is without a doubt the MVP for the 2006 season. Thanks again Mr. Wright.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday Madness

Biggest shopping day of the year?

How about.... Dreamiest shopping day of the year? I could hardly contain my happiness.

They weren't authentic, but you could have fooled me. We got to watch the LSU Arkansas game while browsing this sports memoribilia store. And that turned out to be a disappointment.

All in all, good day, got some Christmas shopping done, got exercise, and the crowds weren't as bad as in past years.

Hope Everybody else had a Happy Black Friday(it's a holiday now right?).

Monday, November 20, 2006

College Football Weekend in Review

"You mean we can't win if I hand it off every play?"
"Everyone step back, Peteys going to do a fist pump"

#1 Ohio State 42 #2 Michigan 39

No game can live up to the hype that ESPN/ABC laid forth for this matchup, but the game came as close to living up to expectations as one could hope for. Buckeye QB Troy Smith continued his dominance of Michigan with a great 1st half performance, and did enough in the 2nd half to hold off the Wolverines comeback attempt. The play of the game in my eyes was the late hit by Michigans speedy LB Shawn Crable on Smith on the 3rd and 15 pass. Not a smart play at all and that changed the complexity of the game going from a field goal attempt and a 7 point lead to a TD and a 10 point lead. Michigans worthiness has been written off by some, but I will hold to the fact that on a neutral site or in Michigan that the Wolverines would top the Buckeyes with the team they have.

#3 Florida 62 Western Carolina 0

Coach Meyer got to peer into the future and see what 2007 is going to look like in a game where the almighty Tebow took the majority of the snaps against a very feisty Western Carolina. Very gutsy by the Gators to schedule a foe of that caliber this into the season, well done indeed.

#4 USC #17 California 9

Yes, I was wrong and Cal didnt do the necessary things to get the job done on the road, mainly not being up on the Trojans by at least a TD going into the 4th quarter which seems to be a necessity when trying to actually defeat them. Maybe all of the press the Golden Bears offense has been getting about how they are so loose and have such a wonderful time in the huddle is proving to be slightly problematic. Does QB Nate Longshore get affected by throwing an interception or coughing up a fumble? Doesnt seem that way when the best he can muster up is a nice smile and clap of his hands. I was so happy to see the illustrious Petey warmly embrace his unbelievable team after the game it gave me that warm feeling inside, ehhh no.

#5 Arkansas 28 Mississippi State 14

Not a good showing for the Razorbacks, the score was no indicator of how poorly this offense played against coach Sylvester Croom and the Bulldogs stingy of late defense. RB Darren McFaddens 92 yard kickoff return for a TD and an interception return for TD by Chris Houston proved to be the diffence. The offensive direction and production in this game does not bode well for this weeks matchup with LSU.

#6 Notre Dame 41 Army 9

Brady Quinn is God-like in his ability to throw the football, which is really nothing new, and the Irish have become my favorite service academy. Im guessing they specialize in total and utter dominance of inferior opponents through all facets of warfare or no? I envision Quinn tossing for some decent numbers vs. the Trojans, but he will be pressured into a few mistakes that will prove too costly for both him and coach Charlie Profanity. Also, the Irish defense hasnt stopped anyone decent since Georgia Tech but that was only because the Yellow Jackets forgot they had a WR that was #21 that was 6'4" and was named Calvin Johnson on the team.

#7 Rutgers 11 Cincinnati 30

Not much of a surprise here, teams that cant pass the ball do not go undefeated and have a hard time winning on the road. I like Rutgers and what the have been able to do, lacking a vertical attack and having a smallish defensive line, and this team still has a lot to play for because a slide at this point would overshadow much of the work that has been done. Kudos to Bearcat coach Mark D'Antoni for the improvement on the defensive side of the ball they have shown. They will be much improved and maybe even an outside contender in the Big East next year.

#8 West Virginia 45 Pittsburgh 27

A spectacular offensive showing for the Mountaineers who are out to prove the Lousiville loss was a fluke. Both QB Pat White and RB Steve Slaton rushed for over 200 yards, and Slaton went ahead and added 130 yards recieving for good measure.

#9 LSU 23 Mississippi 20

LSU has not been able to find a way to play up to their potential against their average SEC foes. The Tigers were forced to make a comeback against a Rebels team that does feature a solid defense. Ole Miss happens to be one of the youngest teams in all of CFB, and hopefully the Ogeron can use these games as learning experiences to lift them next year.

#10 Louisville 31 South Florida 8

The Cardinals were able to avenge last years loss and get some good offensive production while doing so, but Pittsburgh looms so the offense better get their track shoes out because there will be even more fun had this week.

#12 Wisconsin 35 Buffalo 3

The regular season is over for the Badgers who put together a nice record of 11-1 which was paved with epic victories like this one over Buffalo.

#13 Boise State 49 Utah State 10

The victory by the Broncos sets up a showdown at Nevada this week to keep the undefeated season and BCS hopes alive. Hopefully RB Ian Johnson will be able to play after sitting out this week with that pesky collapsed lung.

#14 Wake Forest 6 #19 Virginia Tech 27

The Demon Deacon juggernaut has officially ran out of steam. The Hokies waltzed into Winston-Salem and showed the North-Carolinians whos boss which no one seems to accomplish. Wake does have a chance to prove they arent that bad this week in a matchup with Maryland.

#15 Auburn 25 Alabama 15

What do you know, Tiger QB Brandon Cox can complete a pass to his own team for a TD! Auburn owns Bama in the Iron Bowl (5 straight) which has to make everyone down in Tuscaloosa even more thrilled with coach Mike Shula.

#16 Oklahoma 36 Baylor 10

All this game proved was that you can turn the ball over 5 times and win by 26 points in the Big 12.

#18 Georgia Tech 49 Duke 21

So how many headlines following this game referred to Yellow Jackets QB Reggie Ball as having a "Ball" in the victory vs. Duke. Sadly, more than zero which is both pathetic and appalling. Headlines just have a way of writing themselves dont they?

#20 Boston College 38 #21 Maryland 16

Maybe Maryland coach Fridge needs to work on the technique of the option pitch with QB Sam Hollenbach. You dont pitch it to your RB when a defender is 2 feet away so you get your RB de-cleated. Second, you dont pitch the ball 105 MPH to your RB when you are 4 feet away from him. Both plays were fumbles that were recovered and returned for BC TDs and showed both the "smoke" and "mirrors" side of the Terps off.

#22 Tennessee 39 Vanderbilt 10

Erik Ainge is back at the helm and all is well for the Volunteers. I feel sad for Vandy because I just cant find a way to concoct this performance as a "moral" victory.

#23 BYU 42 NMSU 17

I say BYU and Boise State play a game for WAC-MWC dominance and the winner gets an auto-BCS bid. I think thats pretty darn fair and would be a good game too.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nintendo Wii Launch V.2

Here is the first reported problem, and depending on who you are, it can be a big deal.

There is no remotes, or nunchucks anywhere. I would imagine some store 2 towns over has plenty, but here there is none. They did not apparently think that people who would buy the system would buy a second set, which is indeed was terribly wrong. Maybe this is a problem with having the nunchuck and the remote seperate for this time being?

All I know is for all the bad pub the PS3 got, you can go find a remote for one pretty easy. Granted, there was less systems, but I cannot play anyone, and there is no excuse for not having them.

I am now experiencing some problems during gameplay. Playing Red Steel, if my cursor leaves the screen, sometimes it begins spinning the character wildly in circles, and sometimes I cannot control the spins. I just let myself die, or shut it off in frustration.

Death to Nissan

Before you get upset sister(she drives a Murano), let me explain.

If you watch any kind of TV, and especially NFL football, you have seen a Commercial. It is for the Nissan Titan. It touts its 315 horsepower, and some other stuff I am not quite sure I care about. In the background you hear Ozzy Osbourne and his cronies playing Iron Man. We all know the song, and now, we all hate it a little more than we already did for getting overplayed.

They play this commercial, not exaggerating, 15 times a day. ATLEAST. Not only that, but oftentimes they play it twice in the same commercial break! What is up with this? We are the land of the free, why must we be bombarded with these crappy commercials so consistently often. It doesn't seem right.

So please, get a new song, get a new commercial, or just go away.

Nintendo Wii Launch

Today, November 19th 2006, was the launch of the Wii. We all saw the PS3 launch 2 days ago, and all of its juicy storylines, including, but not limited to, people being robbed at gunpoint for their PS3 cash, one man being shot twice when he would not forfeit his cash. Hoardes of people trampling each other in an effort to get ahold of one of the 10 PS3's the store probably had. And of course the ridiculous prices people are paying on online auction sites.

One person I know was offered $4k, and there was also a PS3 with no software(games) that went for $9k on Ebay. $9,000. It costs about $640 with tax.

The Wii was quite a bit different thus far. No absolute horror stories. I picked mine up around 10:15am, store opened at 10. There were 4 others outside before opening with me, and about 5 or 6 came as I was paying. One had been waiting for a few hours, the others showed up around the same time as me. One was a serviceman, and had just returned for a nice boat ride. Last night there were about 15 people outside of a Best Buy in Visalia at about 7pm, all seemed to be having a good time through the cool temps and the fog.

My first impressions of the Wii and the controller..... Are pretty good. I have played all of the Wii Sports lineup, which includes baseball boxing tennis golf and bowling. If you can get past the Mii's(little people you create in your own likeness and can plug into certain games) then the games are pretty fun.

Hold the controller facing down, pull arm back, and swing forward.... I just drove the ball to the Green on Golf. Hold nunchuck on left and wii-mote in right, lean side to side, and punch forward to do boxing. It is all pretty interesting, and would definately be fun to play with someone else.

I will keep everybody updated on my thoughts, I have Call of Duty 3, and Red Steel to play.

Also, there was no review given of Fifa 07 as I promised, because I was extremely disappointed. Graphics were great, gameplay went backwards. And also, highly acclaimed game Gears of War. I purchased it, played it, and just was not into it. So I guess I am in a huge minority, but I disliked the game. Again, sweet graphics, best of pretty much any game I have ever seen, but not my type of game.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

College Footbal Recap

"Can the 12th man be utilized as an extra DB?"
"We have a home game this week? Against who?"

#1 Ohio State 54 Northwestern 10

Nothing here to comment about, the win preserves the showdown in C-Bus for Saturday. Wait, theres a game this weekend for the Buckeyes? Is it a home game? Who they playing?

#2 Michigan 34 Indiana 3

No comment on the game, time to get to the Shoe and prove that Ron English and his defense are for real.

#3 Louisville 25 #15 Rutgers 28

A very exciting Thursday night game that Rutgers showed a lot of heart in coming back from an early 25-7 deficit. I don't want to extrapolate anything out of this game for the Scarlet Knights except it was a great win for the program in a feature game and one really has to respect what coach Greg Schiano is doing with that program.

#4 Texas 42 Kansas State 45

One of the upsets of the weekend that looks like a shock if only the score is analyzed. Losing standout QB Colt McCoy in the 1st quarter was the one turning point in this contest. Backup QB Jevan Snead stepped in, but as goes Colt so goes the Longhorns hopes of a title defense.

#5 Auburn 15 Georgia 37

I was completely wrong with my assesment of this SEC matchup. Georgia has found their QB of the future in Matthew Stafford, and Auburn coach Tube had better find himself a future QB too. Tigers QB Brandon Cox has a great on and off field story but has regressed in his time at Auburn.

#7 USC 35 Oregon 10

The real highlight of this game was the challenge of a play by USC fist-pumping coach Petey Carroll that was won and the rechallenge of Carroll's challenge by Oregon coach Mike Belloti that he im turn won. Petey's reaction was one that would make coach Weiss proud. The door is open for the Trojans to return to the BCS title game now and I for one do not care for that prospect.

#8 Cal 20 Arizona 24

I basically called this out, wording this as a "trap" game for the Golden Bears, but still felt they could find a way to squeak out a road victory heading into the showdown at the Coliseum with USC. Cal QB Nate Longshore had other plans throwing a perplexing pick-six to Wildcat CB Antoine Cason. Iam still hanging on to the fact that not only is the Cal defense not that great, but the preseason loss of standout CB/PR Tim Mixon is affecting defensive performance more than many will let on. CB Daymeion Hughes had one interception in this game to increase his season total to 9 but was robbed of a second that would have negated an Arizona TD that may well have allowed Cal to survive. I still think Cal finds a way to bounce back and beat the Trojans Saturday.

#11 Arkansas 31 Tennessee 14

Arkansas is a win away from the SEC Title game appearance and they have definately hit their stride. RB Darren McFadden displayed his versatility by lining up at QB and throwing a TD pass and also running in a score off of a shotgun snap.

#14 Boise State 23 San Jose State 20

The Broncos have had past issues in San Jose (won a 56-49 shootout in OT in 2004) but continue to exert their dominance over the WAC. Although they play close games against lesser competition at times, like all good teams they find a way to win in whatever fashion necessary. The question following this victory is the health of all-everything RB Ian Johnson who had a rib injury versus the Spartans.

#18 Wake Forest 30 Florida State 0

This is no typo, Wake is the class of the ACC with Maryland right behind and the Demon Deacons dominated the Seminoles. When will embattled FSU Offensive Coordinator Jeff Bowden resign? How about Tuesday, its as good a day as any.

#19 Georgia Tech 7 North Carolina 0

The Tar Heels came into this game with newfound confidence following a loss to Notre Dame. They performed well in a super-exciting game nobody got excited enough to watch.

#24 Texas A&M 27 Nebraska 28

Coach Fran has lost his last two home games by a total of 2 points. Its just too bad there wasn't a rule that the Aggies could bring out the "12th" man to help in pass coverage during the 4th quarter of home games.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rest Easy

I know we want to avoid politics here, but I think this goes much further beyond politics.

As some of you may know, November 7th is election day. Here in the sunny state of California, we had a Governor's race between Arnold Schwarzenegger and some dork named Phil Angelides.

Angelides never really had a chance, he is a small frail man, with puny shoulders. About the time half of CA precincts were reporting Angelides had conceded.

So we can hear more jokes about the "Governator" and "girly men" and "groping" for a few more years. Thank goodness we can still keep those punch lines! I am sure Arnold will be driving around in his Hummer to thank everybody for their vote! No wait, that was another one of those jokes.....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

College Football in Review

"You ever been on a Ghost Ride?"
"If Ball State's in the Big Ten they'd be the #2 team behind Ohio State"

#1 Ohio State 17 Illinois 10

Buckeye QB Troy Smith had one of those signature performances that solidifies a Heisman run. The Illini defense stepped up big and played above and beyond what anyone expected, unfortunately the Illinois offense could not get the job done despite the opportunities they were given.

#2 Michigan 34 Ball State 26

This was a game I had the honor to watch the 2nd half of, and it was one of those games where you sit back, scratch your head, and smile. A middle of the pack team from the MAC marching the ball down the field late in the game and with ease, mind you in the big house. The Wolverines are who we thought they were, and we let em' off the hook.

#3 West Virginia 34 # 5 Louisville 44

Not much to say about this game from my perspective. West Virginia made key mistakes and two of them by RB Steve Slaton overshadowed his impressive showing. This win for the Cardinals sets up the epic battle of the remaining undefeated Big East teams with Rutgers, I for one was with everyone else that foresaw this coming to pass in the preseason predictions.

#4 Texas 36 Oklahoma State 10

Texas QB Colt McCoy continues to impress going 22 of 28 for 343 yards and 3 TDs. I have seen a few of McCoy's games this season and really like his progress as a first year starter. He is not Vince Young, but that is not the type of player he is, and I think the Longhorns are the best 1-loss team in America.

#6 Auburn 27 Arkansas State 0

A good opportunity to get QB Brandon Cox's confidence up in the passing game since he isn't able to do that in the SEC, and that was about the only purpose it served. How can Arkansas State prepare a team for an SEC mainstay like Georgia? Oh, right, no prep necessary for the Bulldogs when one thinks about it.

#7 Florida 25 Vanderbilt 19

Give Vandy another satisfying moral victory here, coming within a touchdown of the #7 team in the nation, they have definately mastered this great art they have carved out. I for one move to create a third line in the win loss record. There used to be the T for tie, but since we fixed that whole thing with overtime, why no MV for moral victory?

#8 Tennessee 24 LSU 28

Even without hobbled and improved starting QB Erik Ainge, the Volunteers put themselves in a position to beat LSU. Backup QB Jonathon Crompton did enough to lead his team, throwing what should have been the game winning TD pass of 54 yards with 7:29 remaining. Erratic LSU QB Jamarcus Russell had other ideas and was able to shake off three INTs and lead his Tigers on the game winning drive even though no one is quite sure where he was throwing the pass that WR Early Doucet came up with for the win.

#9 USC 42 Stanford 0

No Surprise here, as the Cardinal are a good coming off a tough road loss, bounceback, right the ship, whipping boy type of team. Why couldnt Fresno State have gotten a matchup in Palo Alto with Stanford instead of a road trip to Baton Rouge to find that elusive victory.

#10 Cal 38 UCLA 24

Ive said it before and I'll say it again, I like Cal RB Marshawn Lynch, he is a favorite to watch. It was a nice home win for the Golden Bears, although I do see this Saturdays game in Tuscon to face Arizona as a sort of trap game. I was not thinking this until the Wildcats went up to Pullman and had a nice victory over Washington State.

#11 Notre Dame 45 North Carolina 26

Another signature win for Charlie Weiss and the Golden Domers over a very impressive opponent. The fact that the Tar Heels dropped 26 points on the Irish is a testament to the improvement and commitment they have made to the defensive side of the ball. They havent beat anybody in two years but Coach Weiss believes they are getting the shaft in the polls, that is the more of a joke than their alleged "defense" they field weekly.

#12 Arkansas 26 South Carolina 20

Darren McFadden is a stud as he rushed for 219 yards, as the Blake Mitchell led Gamecock comeback attempt proved futile and too little too late.

#14 Boise State 45 Fresno State 21

The Bulldogs were blown out in their 3rd straight game, the defense is still atrocious, WR Chastin West is still giving us a positive glimpse into the future, and QB Sean Norton is headed to the bench. The Broncos own coach Pat Hill and the Bulldogs, and there is no doubt they are the class of the WAC. Not too many positives came out of this beatdown for the Bulldogs except West's kickoff return TD and Damon Jenkins making Fresno State the last team in division 1-A to get an INT, and he went ahead and returned it for a TD. The problem that poses is the fact that the offense only generated one TD and it was a gift for QB Tom Brandstater as the Boise State safety blew the coverage leaving WR Joe Fernandez all alone in the endzone.

#16 Boston College 14 Wake Forest 21

Coach Jim Grobe has definately turned things around for the Demon Deacons and has his team sitting at 8-1. Definately a surprise team in the ACC, and this Saturday gives them the opportunity to solidify their place by beating a mediocre, offense led by Jeff Bowden, Florida State. By the way, Wake is starting their backup QB Riley Skinner and had to move a WR to RB becasue of injuries. It is mostly up to the defense to carry this team from here on out.

#19 Clemson 12 Maryland 13

Kicking 4 FGs always leaves the door open for the opponent, especially when those FGs end up being your game total. The Tigers did this, and although 12 was enough to win over the smoke and mirror Terrapins and their offensive guru coach Ralph Friedgen, the defense was not able to garner a stop on the possession it needed one most.

#23 Virginia Tech 17 Miami 10

A decent win for the Hokies which would have been a slighlty disappointing loss. Who would have thought that the above phrasing after this ACC matchup would have rang true 2 or 3 years ago?

#25 Washington State 17 Arizona 27

Just when I start handing out praise to coach Bill Doba and his Wazzou Cougars, they lose at home to a struggling Arizona. You cant lose home games like this if you want to be in the top half of the PAC-10. If I give some credit to Arizona coach Mike Stoops, will Cal roll into Tuscon and smoke the Wildcats this Saturday?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

First Two Days in the NBA

On Halloween, we saw 2 games on TNT.

I mentioned the matchups down the page and we saw the Bulls-Heat first. The Bulls came out and absolutely dominated both sides of the ball, for 4 quarters. The Suns-Lakers game saw much of the same in the first half, as the Suns came out and took over control, but the Lakers came back behind Lamar Odom and the Suns inability to guard him, and won the game.

Yesterday, the first day of November, we saw Lebron and the Cavs take on the crazy Arenas's, also known as the Wizards. Pretty good up and down the floor game, the Cavs eventually took control in the 4th quarter, and held off the Wizards behind a terrible shooting night for Arenas, and a good night for Caron Butler. Lebron had a pretty good game, but the surprise was Larry Hughes. He had a good game, pouring on 32 points.

In the late game, the Suns took on the Clippers. Suns came out playing pretty bad, but stayed in the game, and after leading at half time Mr. 2 time MVP Steve Nash starting to be a little more aggresive, and behind a 27 point Shawn Marion effort, the Suns won. Suns still could not slow down Elton Brand, who is still giving them fits going back to last years playoffs. He finished with 28 points 13 rebounds.