Thursday, April 05, 2007

NY Auto Show

There have been many unveils. I don't feel like talking about all of them. I will see them all later this year at the next LA Auto Show, so I don't want to analyze too much before seeing in person.

The Ford Flex minivan was shown. Who cares about vans?

My personal favorite, the Mercedes CL63 AMG Black Series. Huge wheel flares, huge brake rotors, sweet stance... Nice looking car.

Hyundai showed its sweet looking new RWD concept, the Genesis, that has other car companies shaking.. This car has the look, and if they build it, it will be a competitor. Hyundai is slowly growing, gaining a better reputation, and if you doubt me, think about those little junk cars from Japan called Toyota's... not so much junk anymore?

Lexus showed its new LX570, that was in large need of a redesign. I am sure it will sell. It will still be overpriced. It will still not be as good as competition, but it will be fine.

Chevrolet showed 3 mini-car concepts, the Trax Beat and Groove. My personal favorite is the Groove, a "5 door" concept that makes good use of space. It is a Scion XB like vehicle, and if it can be brought here, marketed correctly and have that low chevy price tag, it could do very well. But that is the problem. These cars are WORLD cars, not US cars. So we may never see them here.

Check out Autoblog and Jalopnik for more coverage.

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