Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NBA Playoffs

Well, I rarely talk about the NBA. There is too many games, and I would go nuts trying to write about it often.

I can't even write about the Warriors, which to be honest, we didn't do a whole hell of a lot for seeing as how they are listed as one of our teams over there to the right.

But now that the Playoffs have begun, I can reflect on something I said back on October 22nd of last year. Back in this "Weekend Sports Roundup" I mentioned that the Warriors and the Raptors were the only undefeated teams in the preseason. And obviously I called this as a sure sign the Warriors would win it all.

I know alot of you scoffed at this notion, the Warriors hadn't been in the playoffs since the Simpsons were actually good, and the Raptors couldn't do anything in the postseason since Vince Carter was gone.

The Raptors, behind stud all star Chris Bosh, dropped the first game of the series at home, but came back strong last night to even the Series at 1 game a piece. The Warriors stole game 1 from the Mavericks on the road, surprising many, but not me. Ok I was a little surprised, but when I look across the scoreboard for the layoffs, every series is going the way I want.

The boring Spurs are down a game on the Nuggets, The Cavs are handling the Wizards(minus Agent Zero), Andrei Kirilenko is crying and the Jazz are down 2 games on the Rockets(minus Tracy McGradys youth), the young are up on the old(bulls/heat), the Suns are decimating the Lakers... Pistons are being the playoff team we know they are, but the most interesting series is still the Warriors Mavericks. Can't wait for their matchup tonight, 6:30 pm Pacific on TNT.

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