Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Been Awhile.

Man over a month since a blog post.


Currently it is about 97 here, partly cloudy, lightning filling the sky, and HUMID. It's a sight to behold, rain during sunlight.

College Football kicks off in a little over an hour, and Fresno St. On Saturday.

It is supposed to be about 108 on Saturday, so we can look forward to a fun time in Fresno.

I have been playing the newly released Playstation 3 title Warhawk. It is an exciting Online Multiplayer 3rd person shooter. Not only can you fly the "Warhawk", or the rival plane, you can drive jeeps and tanks, grab a myriad of weapons ranging from assault and sniper rifles to flame throwers, and even climb into Flak guns and SAM sights.

There is no single player story mode included, but if you have the chance to experience it online it is a very fun console shooter. You can hop into a server with 31 other people with rockets and missiles flying every direction, fast paced and never ceasing.

So that is what I have been doing. We will hopefully be posting more now that there is more going on.

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