Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wild One In College Station

Fresno. St lost to Texas A&M in 3OT by a 2-point conversion.

I don't really want to recap the game, but I want to say a few positive things about the team.

For one, the defense played a hell of a game. Linebackers were all over the field. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, but they looked sharp and up to the task, as long as it wasn't Jorvorskie Lane running towards them. Other than Lane, I think the Dogs had an answer for everything A&M did.

I have to give it up to freshman Ryan Mathews. Hopefully his injury is not too serious, but before he entered the game in the 2nd half, with the absence of Lonyae Miller(who we all hope can overcome the ankle) there wasn't really a running game to speak of. He brings a much different look because of his cutback ability, and he is a tough runner. And to think, he was a high school quarterback months ago.

QB TB also had a good game. Down the stretch he made good decisions, didn't lose his cool, and put his team in position to win it. If not for a somewhat questionable 2-point conversion playcall(or Marlon Moore and his tiny hands), who knows the outcome.

I don't want to be too negative, so I won't go there, I just want to say that Clifton Smith does not belong in the backfield, and hopefully Miller and Mathews are alright.

Next week Fresno travels up North to meet the now ranked Oregon Ducks. The Ducks looked impressive against the now fading Michigan Wolverines, who can't seem to stop anybody. Dennis Dixon didn't make many mistakes, but the Bulldogs will not be intimidated by the Autzen Field crowd, and hopefully they can end the Oregon losing streak.

P.S. watching NFL, the Redskins Eagles game ended within 30 seconds of the Packers Dolphins games, both were 16 - 13 final score... Both ended on field goals. How boring.

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