Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pontiac G8 Coming at Good Price

Pontiac G8 Concept

During a small media even in New York recently, GM announced the pricing for the good looking Australian Sedan with Pontiac face, and alot were surprised by the affordability.

The 3.6 liter V6 model will come in at $27,595, and the V8 G8 GT will start at $29,995.

The fact that a car of this caliber is starting at under $30,000, with some of the praising reviews it has gotten abroad, we may see some good things to come from Pontiac. Only disappointing item is the apparent lack of Manual Transmission, with the V6 getting a 5 speed and the V8 getting 6 speed Automatics.. Hopefully the G8 GXP (if/when) does have a Manual option box to check, because it may not be popular, but damnit it's fun.

Best of luck to this car and the Pontiac division.

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