Monday, November 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

Push through the Crowd, Altair
Assassin's Creed came out last week, This week we see the releases of Mass Effect(XBOX 360) and Rock Band(PS3/360). Assassin's Creed is not what it appears to be on its surface. All of the screenshots show you as the "main" character, Altair, but the first moments of the game reveal that it is actually set in the year 2012, and your name is Desmond. You use a machine to assume the roll of Altair. I won't even try to explain. With its engrossing story that leaves you wanting more throughout, Creed is one of the large titles that can live up to the hype.

The game at first seems repetitive, and for the most part, it is. But the further into the story you get, the better you get at sword fighting, counters, and silent kills, the more fun there is too be had. Just running across the rooftops and killing guards has taken up alot of my time lately.

I am sure I won't get around to Mass Effect for a while, Creed is a long offline game(something the highly touted Call of Duty 4 is not, online only there). But Rock Band releases tomorrow, and I am crossing my fingers I can get a bundle for PS3.
Picture above in the Orange, this is a coupe version of the Genesis Sedan Concept we saw way back at the New York Auto Show. The car is overall not bad, and looks close to production ready. Supposedly the E46 M3(previous gen M3) was used as a benchmark. That was one hell of a car, and if they got anywhere in the ballpark, there could be some wonderful things to come from Hyundai... Wait what? I guess....
Our old friend the BMW 135i is back, now priced. It has not our friend any longer, now it's a distant cousin that comes to visit and wants to have deep conversations with you when you're just trying to play video games. Starting at $35,675, and fully optioned at or around $52,000, Why wouldn't you buy the 335i? Give yourself the extra leg room(lord know I need it). The still competent 128i will start at a slightly more reasonable $29,375.

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