Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Postseason honors for Hosley and McGuire

2nd team all WAC-all defensive and newcomer teams
2nd team all WAC for 2 consecutive seasons

I just wanted to make a post on the accomplishments of these 2 Bulldogs before the WAC tournament begins Thursday and I throw out the game preview tomorrow.

Q. Hosley:

Both players are very deserving and I believe that Quinton Hosley should have been on the first team over Boise States Koby Karl. If the league didnt think Hosley was good enough then they should have considered Ramon Sessions of Nevada.

Take Hosley off of the FSU team and they are no better than 6th place and the product on the court would look much different. The guy is the heart and soul of his team and his effort cannot be bested by anyone on that first team.

Hosley goes down as one of my favorite Bulldogs of all time and he only played here for two seasons. His attitude on and off the court is commendable and he continues to work hard through his adversity and success.

Hopefully, he can put three special games together in Las Cruces on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to remind the league there is no doubt he should have been on the first team.

D. McGuire:

McGuire came in with much promise after transferring from Cal, I expected 10-12 points and 6-8 rebounds from him and he has more than delivered. The biggest surprise was his ability to block shots (107) at a high rate. Since the Bulldogs lack a true post presence, McGuire provided the only intimidating force in the paint. He has not only blocked many shots he has changed quite a few too.

He was an obvious second team all-WAC and defensive and newcomer team selection. When you block 3.5 shots per game and get 9.7 boards you belong on the all-defensive team. He was an instant impact and gave the Bulldogs a huge boost from the get go.

McGuires versatility has been welcome because he is able to run the break and handle the point duties at times even though Kevin Bell is going the distance these days. He has also shown the ability to pass the ball and find open teamates. He is not a selfish player at all and he only averages 10 shots per game in 33 minutes.

To Reiterate:

Congrats to both Dom and Q and we will definately miss a class act in Q and we all look forward to Dom returning for his senior season and with the influx of talent for the 08' season, Fresno State needs a leader and that will be Dominic McGuire.

Up Next:

The Bulldogs play 6 seed Boise State Thursday in their opening round WAC game in Las Cruces. The Broncos have eliminated the Dogs each of the last two times they met in the WAC tournament.

I should have the preview up sometime tomorrow or by Thursday AM and Im looking forward to the Bulldogs gutting it out and making a run in the same fashion they have shown during the current 6-game winning streak.

Postseason honors for 2 Bulldogs

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