Wednesday, March 14, 2007

KTM X-Bow, BLS Wagon, G37?

The KTM X-Bow was finally revealed at the Geneva Motor Show recently. But instead of those stupid showroom floor glamour photos, here it is on a track testing. This is KTM's first foray in 4 wheel, better known as makers of Motorcycles.

The engine in the X-Bow is an Audi sourced turbocharged and intercooled direct injection 4 cylinder beast, producing about 220 hp and 220 ft lbs of torque. Curb weight is just over 1500 lbs. This is aimed at a very small yet intriguing market, one where the Ariel Atom is very well known.

Time will tell how this purpose built track car will do.
The somewhat unsuccessful Saab in Cadillac's clothing, the Cadillac BLS, now has a new variant. Also revealed at the Geneva Motor show, this car really is platform sharing at its best. If you looked at the picture of this car, would you think it is rolling on a Saab chassis?

Cadillac is trying their best in Europe, giving them a car that only a European could love, a Wagon. I am not saying this is an unattractive car, because overall its not bad, but its still a wagon, and I only get excited about cars that get somewhere south of 15 miles per gallon.
The G35 coupe is no more. No, Infiniti is not exciting the coupe market, their G35 coupe will now be reffered to as G37. Not only that, but apparently there are whispers of a 500hp twin turbo version somewhere around 2010. This, after it was announced that the Skyline GT-R would be branded Nissan in the US. The aforementioned G37 has not been officially revealed as of yet, people say the rendering above is pretty dead on.

Pictures from Autoblog

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This is America! All these fuel-efficient, hybrid, using up all our atmosphere's hydrogen, global warming friendly cars should be sent to Europe!