Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Schroyer to Wyoming-Langley following

Prepare for the "screamer" Cowboy fans

What we know:

As most everyone knows by now, Fresno State assistant Coach Heath Schroyer has taken the head job at Wyoming and will take over the program that was previously headed by Steve McClain.

Questions following Schroyers departure:

As soon as it was known that Schroyer was headed to Laramie there were three immediate thoughts that came to mind.

1. Which assistants would Schroyer be taking with him?

2. Which players that Schroyer and the assistants had been recruiting possibly end up at Wyoming?

3. Who will Cleveland bring in as his new assistants?

We have an answer to number 1 and that was the more obvious. Schroyer's best friend is Fresno State assistant Fred Langley so his departure was no surprise as he will be Schroyers associate Head Coach at Wyoming.

Cleveland assistant Senque Carey will be staying with the program thankfully and be promoted to associate head coach it would seem. Losing half of a staff is understandable given their opportunities, but losing the whole staff would have been detrimental in my eyes.

Quick Schroyer bio:

This had been Schroyers 3rd stint as an assistant with Coach Steve Cleveland. He was an assistant at Fresno City College in 96-97 and BYU 97-01. Ironically, Schroyer then went on to be an assistant for Wyoming Coach Steve McClain for one season, the same McClain he is now replacing.

He left Wyoming be the Head Coach at Portland State for 3 seasons, leading them to the Big Sky Championship in 04-05. After Portland State he returned to Fresno to coach with Cleveland. Another odd twist is the fact that the Athletic Director who fired Schroyer at Portland State is the same one that hired him at Wyoming.

Recruiting Effects:

How will the departures affect recruiting I dont know, but it will have an impact for sure. The Bulldogs #1 off season recruiting need is a post presence, if Schroyer and Langley were the ones on those players trail, expect one of them to either end up in Laramie or another school altogether. Langley is a solid recruiter, he was credited with bringing in Quinton Hosley who was a two time all-WAC 2nd team selection.

Hole to fill defensively or not?:

Schroyers intensity on the defensive side of the floor will be missed. He was the coach that kept players up and demanded that they get the little things done on the defensive end. The Bulldogs were a much improved defensive squad in 06-07 and led the WAC in multiple defensive categories. He was also the one coach that showed great enthusiasm and tried to raise players intensity levels.

Possible replacements for the departed:

As for possible replacements I have no clue and will not even attempt to put a list together or throw any names out. There have been some rumors and names thrown around but most I dont see as any real option. The main thing is for Cleveland to get one really solid defensive teacher in one assistant and some who obsesses over little things because the head coach cannot micromanage all aspects of coaching. The other assistant needs to have good connections to help in recruiting, hopefully one with Southern California ties.

Well wishes:

Lastly, Id like to say that I hope Schroyer and Langley are able to build a solid program at Wyoming. They were great assistants for Steve Cleveland and the only time I will be rooting against these two is in recruiting and in head to head matchups with the Bulldogs. Best of luck to both Schroyer and Langley, and im really going to miss the "screamer" at the Save Mart Center next season.

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