Monday, May 14, 2007

Saab 9-3 Facelift

First there was spy shots, then photos showed up without camo on the car in the wild, and now Saab has officially released pictures of the redesign. Well, as everyone else has said, it takes styling cues from the Aero-X concept. It is nice to see some love finally given to SOMETHING at Saab, and no interior pictures yet means that there should be a pretty nice interior update hiding.

Hopefully they did something very big inside, because this car and this brand needs all the help it can get. The powertrain and engine options have always been pretty good from Saab, here's hoping they can make this one a "hit."

Meanwhile, Barrack Obama thinks we build too many gas guzzling SUV's, but drives a Chrysler 300C... An evil american gas powered V8 non-hybrid ruining the earth Chrysler. I for one am shocked, SHOCKED, a politician would not practice what he preached.

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