Tuesday, May 01, 2007

NBA Playoffs-Part 2

Well, the Pistons Bulls and Cavs have closed their respective series with Sweeps, we sit patiently(or not) on the edge of our seats waiting for the rest of the first round to unfold.

It looks like the Spurs have control of the Nuggets and will close this series, The Rockets and Jazz series is looking to fall Houston's way with them heading home for game six where they will most certainly close the Jazz hopes of going to the 2nd round, and Phoenix is not going to lose to the Lakers, no they will squash Kobe's hopes of closing this series.

Right now I am listening to the crowd chant Let's Go Raptors VC SUCKS!, and it is pretty annoying. The game is down the wire, and the Nets are still in it. They (nets) have a 3-1 series lead, and if they do not finish Toronto up on the roa(which they didn't), they most certainly will go back home to New Jersey, or New York, or wherever the hell they want to be from, and close the series. They were in it until the end, but couldn't close.

The next game is the big one. Warriors go to Dallas, up 3 games to 1. Dirk already said its over, so lets hope what he has said will come to be. So far in the game Dallas has alot of energy and are up 8, but can this close this game out with time? It will be tough to close the Mavs if they are playing with this much energy and the fans are into it. Perhaps it will take a trip back to the Heartland for the Warriors to close the Mavs.

This post was brought to you by TNT original series' The Closer, and Heartland.

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