Wednesday, May 02, 2007

XBOX 360 Elite

Well I am 3 days late, but here is my Elite. Let me preface this post by saying, I would never have bought it if my Premium hadn't gotten the "red ring of death" at the beginning of April.

It was a long month, filled with very little Guitar Hero, and that is sad. But a black XBOX, to go along with my black PS3, and black Samsung LCD, is a nice proposition. And the black controller looks nice, matte plastic all around.

Now again, my TV is sadly only 720p/1080i, but from my seating position and the size of it, it really makes no difference. Graphics difference between the component cables and the HDMI out are little, if any to my eyes. I would assume someone who really had a good eye could find something, but for the casual observer, there is no way to tell.

The main draw for some is the 120 GB hard drive, upgraded from the 20 GB, topping the PS3's 60 GB. If you download alot of Arcade games, Movies, Demo's, etc... Then you can use it. For the run of the mill consumer they will not need this.
Overall, for the price of $479.99, unless you really like the color black, have another HDMI input to use(like myself), or have to have the best and newest, then I don't recommend it.

Say what you will about the price of the PS3, when the 20GB was still around, it included a Blu Ray drive, HDMI out, and was $499, the Elite does not have an integrated HD-DVD drive, it is nothing more than an HDMI add-on, that doesn't improve graphics, and a bigger hard drive.

But I sure am enjoying Guitar Hero II again, with the 10 new songs for the 360... Possum Kingdom by the Toadies is an oldie but a goodie.. and here was my first try with it on Expert.

Not bad, time to practice.

Right now the Spurs are up 5 on the Nuggets, trying to finish them out. Spurs are trying to keep atleast one really boring team in the playoffs. Don't miss the Suns finish out their series with the Lakers in the late game either.

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