Monday, November 20, 2006

College Football Weekend in Review

"You mean we can't win if I hand it off every play?"
"Everyone step back, Peteys going to do a fist pump"

#1 Ohio State 42 #2 Michigan 39

No game can live up to the hype that ESPN/ABC laid forth for this matchup, but the game came as close to living up to expectations as one could hope for. Buckeye QB Troy Smith continued his dominance of Michigan with a great 1st half performance, and did enough in the 2nd half to hold off the Wolverines comeback attempt. The play of the game in my eyes was the late hit by Michigans speedy LB Shawn Crable on Smith on the 3rd and 15 pass. Not a smart play at all and that changed the complexity of the game going from a field goal attempt and a 7 point lead to a TD and a 10 point lead. Michigans worthiness has been written off by some, but I will hold to the fact that on a neutral site or in Michigan that the Wolverines would top the Buckeyes with the team they have.

#3 Florida 62 Western Carolina 0

Coach Meyer got to peer into the future and see what 2007 is going to look like in a game where the almighty Tebow took the majority of the snaps against a very feisty Western Carolina. Very gutsy by the Gators to schedule a foe of that caliber this into the season, well done indeed.

#4 USC #17 California 9

Yes, I was wrong and Cal didnt do the necessary things to get the job done on the road, mainly not being up on the Trojans by at least a TD going into the 4th quarter which seems to be a necessity when trying to actually defeat them. Maybe all of the press the Golden Bears offense has been getting about how they are so loose and have such a wonderful time in the huddle is proving to be slightly problematic. Does QB Nate Longshore get affected by throwing an interception or coughing up a fumble? Doesnt seem that way when the best he can muster up is a nice smile and clap of his hands. I was so happy to see the illustrious Petey warmly embrace his unbelievable team after the game it gave me that warm feeling inside, ehhh no.

#5 Arkansas 28 Mississippi State 14

Not a good showing for the Razorbacks, the score was no indicator of how poorly this offense played against coach Sylvester Croom and the Bulldogs stingy of late defense. RB Darren McFaddens 92 yard kickoff return for a TD and an interception return for TD by Chris Houston proved to be the diffence. The offensive direction and production in this game does not bode well for this weeks matchup with LSU.

#6 Notre Dame 41 Army 9

Brady Quinn is God-like in his ability to throw the football, which is really nothing new, and the Irish have become my favorite service academy. Im guessing they specialize in total and utter dominance of inferior opponents through all facets of warfare or no? I envision Quinn tossing for some decent numbers vs. the Trojans, but he will be pressured into a few mistakes that will prove too costly for both him and coach Charlie Profanity. Also, the Irish defense hasnt stopped anyone decent since Georgia Tech but that was only because the Yellow Jackets forgot they had a WR that was #21 that was 6'4" and was named Calvin Johnson on the team.

#7 Rutgers 11 Cincinnati 30

Not much of a surprise here, teams that cant pass the ball do not go undefeated and have a hard time winning on the road. I like Rutgers and what the have been able to do, lacking a vertical attack and having a smallish defensive line, and this team still has a lot to play for because a slide at this point would overshadow much of the work that has been done. Kudos to Bearcat coach Mark D'Antoni for the improvement on the defensive side of the ball they have shown. They will be much improved and maybe even an outside contender in the Big East next year.

#8 West Virginia 45 Pittsburgh 27

A spectacular offensive showing for the Mountaineers who are out to prove the Lousiville loss was a fluke. Both QB Pat White and RB Steve Slaton rushed for over 200 yards, and Slaton went ahead and added 130 yards recieving for good measure.

#9 LSU 23 Mississippi 20

LSU has not been able to find a way to play up to their potential against their average SEC foes. The Tigers were forced to make a comeback against a Rebels team that does feature a solid defense. Ole Miss happens to be one of the youngest teams in all of CFB, and hopefully the Ogeron can use these games as learning experiences to lift them next year.

#10 Louisville 31 South Florida 8

The Cardinals were able to avenge last years loss and get some good offensive production while doing so, but Pittsburgh looms so the offense better get their track shoes out because there will be even more fun had this week.

#12 Wisconsin 35 Buffalo 3

The regular season is over for the Badgers who put together a nice record of 11-1 which was paved with epic victories like this one over Buffalo.

#13 Boise State 49 Utah State 10

The victory by the Broncos sets up a showdown at Nevada this week to keep the undefeated season and BCS hopes alive. Hopefully RB Ian Johnson will be able to play after sitting out this week with that pesky collapsed lung.

#14 Wake Forest 6 #19 Virginia Tech 27

The Demon Deacon juggernaut has officially ran out of steam. The Hokies waltzed into Winston-Salem and showed the North-Carolinians whos boss which no one seems to accomplish. Wake does have a chance to prove they arent that bad this week in a matchup with Maryland.

#15 Auburn 25 Alabama 15

What do you know, Tiger QB Brandon Cox can complete a pass to his own team for a TD! Auburn owns Bama in the Iron Bowl (5 straight) which has to make everyone down in Tuscaloosa even more thrilled with coach Mike Shula.

#16 Oklahoma 36 Baylor 10

All this game proved was that you can turn the ball over 5 times and win by 26 points in the Big 12.

#18 Georgia Tech 49 Duke 21

So how many headlines following this game referred to Yellow Jackets QB Reggie Ball as having a "Ball" in the victory vs. Duke. Sadly, more than zero which is both pathetic and appalling. Headlines just have a way of writing themselves dont they?

#20 Boston College 38 #21 Maryland 16

Maybe Maryland coach Fridge needs to work on the technique of the option pitch with QB Sam Hollenbach. You dont pitch it to your RB when a defender is 2 feet away so you get your RB de-cleated. Second, you dont pitch the ball 105 MPH to your RB when you are 4 feet away from him. Both plays were fumbles that were recovered and returned for BC TDs and showed both the "smoke" and "mirrors" side of the Terps off.

#22 Tennessee 39 Vanderbilt 10

Erik Ainge is back at the helm and all is well for the Volunteers. I feel sad for Vandy because I just cant find a way to concoct this performance as a "moral" victory.

#23 BYU 42 NMSU 17

I say BYU and Boise State play a game for WAC-MWC dominance and the winner gets an auto-BCS bid. I think thats pretty darn fair and would be a good game too.

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