Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nintendo Wii Launch V.2

Here is the first reported problem, and depending on who you are, it can be a big deal.

There is no remotes, or nunchucks anywhere. I would imagine some store 2 towns over has plenty, but here there is none. They did not apparently think that people who would buy the system would buy a second set, which is indeed was terribly wrong. Maybe this is a problem with having the nunchuck and the remote seperate for this time being?

All I know is for all the bad pub the PS3 got, you can go find a remote for one pretty easy. Granted, there was less systems, but I cannot play anyone, and there is no excuse for not having them.

I am now experiencing some problems during gameplay. Playing Red Steel, if my cursor leaves the screen, sometimes it begins spinning the character wildly in circles, and sometimes I cannot control the spins. I just let myself die, or shut it off in frustration.

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