Sunday, November 19, 2006

Death to Nissan

Before you get upset sister(she drives a Murano), let me explain.

If you watch any kind of TV, and especially NFL football, you have seen a Commercial. It is for the Nissan Titan. It touts its 315 horsepower, and some other stuff I am not quite sure I care about. In the background you hear Ozzy Osbourne and his cronies playing Iron Man. We all know the song, and now, we all hate it a little more than we already did for getting overplayed.

They play this commercial, not exaggerating, 15 times a day. ATLEAST. Not only that, but oftentimes they play it twice in the same commercial break! What is up with this? We are the land of the free, why must we be bombarded with these crappy commercials so consistently often. It doesn't seem right.

So please, get a new song, get a new commercial, or just go away.

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