Thursday, November 02, 2006

First Two Days in the NBA

On Halloween, we saw 2 games on TNT.

I mentioned the matchups down the page and we saw the Bulls-Heat first. The Bulls came out and absolutely dominated both sides of the ball, for 4 quarters. The Suns-Lakers game saw much of the same in the first half, as the Suns came out and took over control, but the Lakers came back behind Lamar Odom and the Suns inability to guard him, and won the game.

Yesterday, the first day of November, we saw Lebron and the Cavs take on the crazy Arenas's, also known as the Wizards. Pretty good up and down the floor game, the Cavs eventually took control in the 4th quarter, and held off the Wizards behind a terrible shooting night for Arenas, and a good night for Caron Butler. Lebron had a pretty good game, but the surprise was Larry Hughes. He had a good game, pouring on 32 points.

In the late game, the Suns took on the Clippers. Suns came out playing pretty bad, but stayed in the game, and after leading at half time Mr. 2 time MVP Steve Nash starting to be a little more aggresive, and behind a 27 point Shawn Marion effort, the Suns won. Suns still could not slow down Elton Brand, who is still giving them fits going back to last years playoffs. He finished with 28 points 13 rebounds.

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