Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2007 Fighting Irish Football

One thing to be prefaced here:
JK is a ND guy and obviously I make fun of him quite a bit for it. Also pay attention below for the use of "WE". JK Does not speak for the entire Measured Buildup cast when he gushes over the Irish and their prospects next season.

The upcoming football season for the Fighting Irish should be an interesting one. We have a few men leaving the football program this last year. Brady Quinn graduated, Darius Walker leaves early (junior) and Jeff Samardzija decide to take the Cubs offer 5 years 10 million. Was it a good or bad decision?

In my opinion the football field is where he should of ended up on. Baseball is a great sport but makeing catches on a football field over Champ Bailey in the corner of the end zone looks even better. He saw the money and they say he is a top recruit in baseball. Hopefully there is somewhere in his contract that would allow him to get out if he wants. Oh I forgot the 10 million is guarenteed over 5 years. Not bad its all guaranteed. Every penny of that contract he has to live up to, well done Jeffrey.

Coach Weis did have nine football players file papers with the university to be eligle for a fifth year. They are:Tom Zbikowski 6'0 215 saftey, Travis Thomas 6'0 215 Linebacker / Running Back, John Carlson TE 6'6 250 , John Sullivan OL 6'4 290, and Trevor Laws DL 6'1 283. These players next year must be the leaders of this program. Notre Dame is in the process of regrouping. We have a new quarterback next year and everyone is saying that Jimmy Clausen will be the starter.

With new quarterback coach Ron Powlus hopefully things will turn out good. Coach Weis has also made some chages on his staff for next season. Rick Minter and Pete Vaas' contracts were not renewed and Corwin Brown and Ron Powlus were hired. Corwin Brown will lead the way for the defensive and Powlus will hopefully turn Clausen into a great player.

I know that last season was a dissapointing one for the Fighting Irish. With the loss to Michigan, USC and LSU in the Sugar Bowl, Notre Dame must regroup during the off season and turn things around. We want to be in the number 1 team in the country but we have to go through Michigan, USC, Florida, and maybe Ohio State.

A couple of thoughts here before I go:

Notre Dames GPA as a team 3.041. We will have a few players in the draft. Maybe even a top five pick. Finally, MB we are going to see them play either agianst USC, UCLA or Stanford. I forgot one more thing were going to the big game next year be prepared Irish Fans.

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