Sunday, January 21, 2007

Super Bowl matchup thoughts

Way to go Colts. For all the men and women who put lots of money on this game because you thought Golden Boy Peyton Manning and the Colts were tired of losing every year. You thought this game was going to be a blow out well thanks alot for giving us a heart attack and also for some hearing loss and blindness. I am very happy that the Colts will meet the Chicago Cubs errr excuse me the Bears the Cubs dont know what a winning team is.

The Bears could possibly bring a super bowl victory to Chicago, but there going to have to go through the Colts if they want that ring. In my opinion I do believe that the Bears will probably win this game due to their amazing defense. Yes I said it their defense not there offense. Sorry but Rex the "Sex Cannon" Grossman has been gettin pretty lucky these last few weeks. They said tonight that Sexy Rexy's percentage of accuracy is in the low 40% range. I just think that the Chicago Bears defense will show up for this game like they've been doing all year long.

We can thank the Bears defense in the second half. They held "Alleged America's team" the New Orlean Saints to zero points for the second half. Nice job. A little letter to Mr. Bush if you ever point your finger again at anyone on the Bears defense I hope they send you a ring in the mail thanking you for having a such great second half. Take that finger and stick it up ur ASS. Go Bears win the WAC, or whatever it is your trying to win in that Bowl coming up.

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