Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Second Coming.

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Here we have it. I saw the commercial a few days ago while watching an NBA game.

Something that immediately struck me as odd was the fact that out of these 10 NBA "superstars," 3 of them were on the red hot Phoenix Suns.

Although the Suns lost, one can only hypothesize that because they have 30% of the second coming, it would only make sense for them to win the NBA Championship.

Tony Parker is present, I am surprised Nike didn't have a pop up when you passed by his intimidating figure that showed a picture of Eva Longoria. I don't really consider Parker to be such a superstar, but apparently Nike ran some polls, and decided that he has star power, or maybe they were just looking for someone closer to the Pacific.

It seems that there are 5 West Coast Players(amare, nash, matrix, kobe, and the aforementioned parker), and 5 East Coast Players(rasheed, lebron, chris paul, paul pierce, jermaine o'neal). Close enough atleast.

So thank you Nike, I no longer need to watch NBA basketball, unless it is the Suns.

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