Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sweeney says "What Greenies?"

Was it payback for the "Giants Idol" he organized?

Standing in the top left of the above picture is Giants 1st baseman Mark Sweeney, the player Barry Bonds claimed was the source of the amphetamines he tested positive for last season. I for one thought it was a totally believable story that Bonds saw something in Sweeney's locker and decided to take it. Its also quite believable that the very substance that Bonds had taken from Sweeney's locker ended up making him test positive. Very possible situation if you ask me and if you think about it we've all been there, we really have.

Thankfully all of these allegations by Bonds have been cleared up and although he never has denied the positive test for amphetamines, he states that Sweeney was not the source of the substance. Its good to know that Barry Axelrod, Sweeney's agent, is very pleased that Bonds has cleared this little incident up because Mr. Axelrods pleasure takes a front seat to the actual player that was accused of drugging Barry up.

So I think the lesson to be learned in this whole incident is that if you are on the Giants active roster next season you keep your locker as far away from Bonds as you possible can. Although, I though Barry had a seperate room to dress in with the recliner, flat screens, physical therapist, etc?

SF Chronicle Blog

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