Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Sports Roundup

NBA-Everybody's beloved Rookie, former West Virginia sharpshooter, Kevin Pittsnogle, was cut by the Boston Celtics. He saw little action in few pre-season games, and despite his 2 year contract, has been sent to waivers. Hopefully someone picks this kid up, and in a few years he can learn how to play some defense.

So far in the preseason games, there are 2 unbeaten teams. The Toronto Raptors, and the Golden State Warriors. Now I know it's just the preseason, and it really doesn't mean anything, but I think it is a clear cut sign that the Warriors will, in fact, win it all.

NCAA Football- Did anyone else see Marshawn Lynch? That kid seriously got onto a Club Cart, and drove wildly on the field... Too bad he couldn't have gotten on something with a little more power, so he could have really spun out all over the grass.

South Florida @ Cincy was the Sunday night game.. one of the worst games I have watched in a long time.

Michigan St. pulled a George Costanza, and did exactly the opposite of what they normally do. They came back from a 38-3 deficit to beat Northwestern 41-38.

Soccer- MLS playoffs began.... nobody watched.

Premiership is getting interesting. Chelsea is back on top of the rankings along with Man. United. Arsenal is beginning to find their stride after dominating the possession and the pitch at Reading. Reading knew it was not going to be an easy go at it after Thierry Henry had a strike for goal in the 1st minute. They moved into 4th in the overall standings. Blackburn was turned away twice on Penalty Kicks in a 1-0 loss to Bolton, who is sitting right in front of Arsenal in 3rd.

Baseball- The Cardinals take the 1st game of the World Series, quickly and easily. The Tigers take the 2nd game in the same fashion. The Series is even now at 1 game a piece.

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