Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Recent Game Releases

The Godfather made it out to the PSP and XBOX 360, and is no different from the PS2/XBOX version. Still a good game, but definately better suited for console. Pretty good game overall, nothing over spectacular, but you get a good feel for the Movie while playing the game. They did a decent job here.

Scarface. Let me just start this off by saying, if you haven't seen the movie, there is a guy named Tony Montana. He was killed. For this game, the moment in the movie where he was killed, he blasts the guy. So you get to live the life of Tony Montana and settle all the scores. Changing the plot line of the movie somewhat pissed me off. It is an OK game. If you are a big Scarface fan, go ahead. But if you really don't care about the movie, there are much better options available.

Gangs of London (PSP), which looked promising way back when they first announced it, is a total flop. Don't waste your time.

Family Guy, out on XBOX PS2 and PSP. Again, better suited for console here. They really need to put a little more effort into developing games for the PSP. I would say this game is about par for the course.

Tiger Woods 07(PSP PS2 XBOX XBOX360 DS)- I am not a golf fan, I pretty much hate it. But the game is fun, very fun. The game of golf is alot better to play than to watch. And this game is proof of that.

Ace Combat X- Skies of Deception. Best. PSP. Game. Ever. If you are a fan of the Ace Combat series, this is a must have, and if you just want a game that looks and feels like it belongs on the PSP, get this game now. Not an old story retread, Bandai Namco is one of the few companies out there trying to bring original games to the PSP.

The PSP has been selling on the dismal side of things, almost tripled by the amount of Nintendo DS lite's sold in the month of September. But the good news for Sorny is the PS2 has steadily been outselling the Next-Gen XBOX 360. Methinks sales will pick up around the Holiday season, which we are closing in on.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. PSP. It came out today, I was all ready to purchase it, went in today, and it was $49.99. No thank you. FIFTY BUCKS, for a PSP GAME? I guess after the popularity of the Liberty City Story game, they figured another $10 wasn't going to stop anyone from purchasing. And other than me, I think everyone else that Pre-ordered at the store bought theirs. I am going to wait on this, with Ace Combat to keep me entertained, and one other game coming out tomorrow for 360..

FIFA 07 tomorrow. Review to follow, although it has been out on every other platform for a while, I couldn't view it on the inferior 480i, I paid too much for my TV to not use it.

Also, we are now under 20 days away from the PS3 and Wii Launch.

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