Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boston And Their "National Treasure"

Congrats to all Red Sox fans out there. You have just signed one of the most talented pitchers of all time. They call him "MATSUZAKA", or "Dice-K," don't those names just give you the chills when you say them? I have chills going down my spine right now. Look at the picture for a moment, take in his huge frame, his confident stroll, and please ask yourself, if he is worth over $100million, what the hell am I worth?

WOW! Well all I have to say is what the hell is wrong with the ownership in Boston. You spend 51 million(DOLLARS, NOT YEN!) to talk to someone who cant speak english (well maybe a little english) and his agent "Man of the year Scott the terminator Boras." Come on now, you have Jason Schmidt, Ted Lilly, and even Gagne on the market. If you sign Schmidt to 3 years 47 million, Lilly 4 years 40 mil and Gagne 1 year 6 mil thats 93 million dollars you get three picthers for the price of one.

What I dont understand is how an unproven Japanese pitcher is worth 103 mil? I know he only signed for 52 over six years but dont forget to add the 51 mil they spent to chat with him over cookies and milk, tea and crumpets, or whatever it is they had as refreshments, maybe fortune cookies? Then Epstein flies in the private jet to Newport Beach of all places, to beg Matsuzaka to sign with the Sox. Perfect place to showcase what the wonderful city of Boston has to offer Dice-K. Hopefully the rug burn wasnt too bad.

Dice-Ks former team in Japan ended up as the real winner here, as they are now able to pay their entire rosters contracts for the next 3 seasons thanks to the Boston Red Sox. With the kind of money these MLB teams are able to throw around and they could have the opportunity to own a team in Japan, they could rule the league. 150 million in Japan could field one heck of a team. Sadly, they probably wouldnt end up champions in the Far East even with the bloated payroll. I believe that baseball is a disaster and disappointment to all of mankind. Well done Chowds, youve done it again.

Photo Courtesy of ESPN.

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