Friday, December 29, 2006


Congrats to the the San Francisco Giants on signing free agent LHP Barry Zito to a huge contract. I really thought that New York Mets were going to bring in the young gun but the Giants stepped up and grabbed him by the horns. Barry Zito is not 40 and that is a good thing for San Fran. He doesnt need to get up early on Sundays for the Senior breakfast club. Club members are: Barry Bonds, Dave Roberts, Rich Aurilla, Randy Wynn, and Coach Bruce Bochy. Seven years and $126 million nice job Zito for holding out, very smart by the youngster. People say it was too much for Zito but wait one minute: Jason Schmidt 3 years 47 mil, Gil Meche 5 years 55 mil, Roger Clemens 2 months of baseball 22 mil, Ted "lights out" Lilly 4 years 40 mil, come on the giants stole him 7 years 126 mil, thats funny shit. They couldnt resign Schmidt but went out and spent too freakin' much money on Zito. Zito will have about two outstanding years and then fall apart. Im sorry but that is a little too much for a pitcher. In todays game I can see paying someone that plays every day of the week but not every four to five days. Well all I can say is that the ticket prices for the Giants are going up. Good luck to all of those poor people that would like to watch a game . The bleachers just went from $10 a game to $52 a game. Good Luck to the San Fran Giants.

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