Thursday, December 07, 2006

LAIAS Pics from the 1.3 MP Motorola Q(subpar)

We have 2 pictures of the Audi R8 on top(in the first pic we see the RS4 in the background...sorta), the Saab Aero-X(which is apparently ready for production, or so one man was telling his son. he swore it was going to production, ignoring the fact that it has been said numerous times it would not), and some car in the background of a chick who was willing to pose for guys who were not afraid to ask. I bet she'
Aftermarket Ford Edge, they wouldn't even put up a stock one.
Another Lotus Chick pic
front nose of the R8
maserati quattraporte x2 + maserati le mans car
hello nitro chick..... please stop moving so I can get a better picture?
challenger, retro is back.... no wait retro is on its way out
more lotus, yes the cars this time
camaro concept
camaro concept
aston martin vantage

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