Friday, December 22, 2006

The Next-Gen Trifecta

Well here it is. The XBOX 360 Pro, PS3 60GB, and the Wii. Nearly $1500 worth of electronic crap sitting there. Well I mean, only the PS3 box has anything in it.

The Wii is up for sale to anyone who will buy it. It is now down to the PS3 and 360.

First things first- The PS3 controller is extremely nice, and I like it alot. Besides lacking rumble, it feels great in your hand. The 360 still probably has the better controller overall, but the PS3 was surprisingly good.

I have one game for it, Resistance: Fall of Man. Pretty good game. They need some more games for the PS3, and quick. I am unsure which I will choose at this point, The 360 certainly has the edge being out for a year already, and also most of the marquee games are going to be available on both systems.

On my TV, there is little, if any difference in graphics between the systems. HDMI being used for the PS3 and component for 360. The game(resistance) is a 720p game, and I think to really see a difference between the two, you will need a full 1080p set.

So again, thats a plus for the 360, works just as good on my TV, more games, cheaper.. I will be down to one system eventually, I don't know when though. Could be very soon.

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MB said...

Lets face it, the Sony product will be bashed all day everywhere because well, its Sony, but ultimately you know in your cold, unforgiving heart that the PS3 will win. Once I saw that free screening of Richard Robert on Blu-Ray, I was sold on the PS3