Thursday, February 01, 2007

24% FGs-4% 3PTFGs-54% FTs-21 TOs-Ouch!

Cold shooting cannot begin to describe.....

WOW-I was able to witness the worst half of Fresno State basketball thine eyes have ever seen last night at the Save Mart Center. You know, one of those games they say sets the game of basketball back 50 years. It is bad enough to see the score or happen to glance at the stats but those of us that had the misfortune of being in attendance got the raw end of the deal. Attending fans deserve a refund and free admission to the remaining home games for going through that ordeal.

The one thing that could have made for some good fun would have been me doing a live blog from the game. Those comments would have been magical just ask those that were sitting in my general vicinity during the game. How bout this stat to decribe to you the carnage that was on the floor last night:

The Bulldogs scored 2 points over the final 13:01 to close the first half and were down 27-12 after the first 20 minutes.

Before tonight I would have said that feat was scientifically and mathematically impossible. Well, did Cleve and his boys ever make sure that we saw that it was a possibility. They had better be thankful that they were not playing a "good" team last night or what we all think was rock bottom could have been a 45-12 halftime deficit.

If Hawaii shot 37% from the field, 25% from three, and turned the ball over 23 times, then what would this game had looked like if they had actually played well? At least the Warriors were able to pick up their first road victory in 7 tries against the Bulldogs. Oh and I forgot to mention that Hawaii's leading scorer and best player Matt Lojeski had the flu and only scored 6 points.

I could dive into the numbers more and talk about the missed free throw and layups, lack of first half effort, and general hatred that the Bulldogs showed toward the game of Basketball but I will spare you because this is the game no one needs to hear about.

This is that one game a year that you throw out and forget, you know, that one game that no one remembers how bad it was at the end of the season, kind of like that 70-42 drubbing at the hands of UC Santa Barbara from earlier in the season. Oops, you dont get to do that twice and this game is going to be waking guys like Eddie Miller up in a cold sweat for a looong time.

Lastly, this was the type of game that you are happy that you drove 40 mintutes both ways for, paid 8 bucks to park, and 12 dollars for the ticket to get in. Totally worth it if you ask me. When situations happen like this horrible performance by the Bulldogs I always utilize my patented response: at least no one got hurt! Its always an effective line, try it.

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