Monday, February 26, 2007

Audi A/S 5, Corvette "Blue Devil"

The A5.

The S5.

pics from AudiWorld
I am a pretty big fan of Audi when it comes to looks and performance. But when it comes to price, the skeptic in me shines to the surface. These new large coupes from Audi are very nice looking, inside and out, and will have pretty good power. But they will be overpriced, as most of what Audi has to offer is. And if you live in the flat lands, if you are going to drive overpriced German junk, you drive a BMW.
Not stock hood? What is that down below in the bottom opening?

Looks like GM has another test mule for its supercharged intercooled 600+hp SuperVette. The end all be all of performance cars for the cash. This "spy picture" comes from a worker for a transport company who was supposed to be loading this car up, but decided to take pictures. Apparently the car is headed to Germany, so that means it will be on the Nurburgring soon. More pictures available at Jalopnik.

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