Thursday, February 22, 2007

'Dogs Make it 3 in a row

19 pts-13 rebs-and 6 blks for the single season record

The Fresno State Bulldogs were able to win their second WAC road game of the season when they were able to hold off the Lousiana Tech Bulldogs in Ruston Thursday. The Bulldogs were led by a huge effort by Junior Dominic McGuire who was able to pass former Bulldog star Melvin Ely for the single season blocks record. Ely had the previous record at 92 in 2000. McGuire swatted away six and now has 96 on the season with at least 4 games remaining.

How they were able to win:

The Bulldogs were able to win because of some great play by individuals in stretches, yet overcome some poor performances and mistake prone play. Lets review my primer for victory in the preview

-Shoot 40% from the field-shot 37.5% but had 7 second chance points. Barely enough but it worked.

-Shoot 70% from the line-shot 70.8% for the game and made key free throws down the stretch. Kevin Bell 6-6, McGuire 5-6, Hosley 4-8 but made the eventual game winner. Nice Effort.

-Hold La Tech to 10 or less offensive rebounds-They finished with 7 total and only 2 second chance points which was huge. Well Done.

-Do not have more than 10 turnovers-not even close, had 16 turnovers, 9 in the first half. The key though was they commited zero in the final 3 minutes. This wont work Saturday in Las Cruces.

-Share the basketball and show patience-Negative on the first one and check on the second. How do you score 64 points and only end up with 4 assists? That does not even seem possible but go back and watch the game and that was pretty accurate. On the second point the Bulldogs only forced about 5 to 7 shots the entire game and only 2 or 3 were early in the shot clock. When La Tech went on runs they were able to minimize them with patience on the offensive end.


-McGuire was a stud as previously mentioned. He blocked all 6 shots in the second half and was worth sooo much on the defensive end negating shot attempts and keeping La Tech off the offensive glass. It was a truly impressive performance and he is without a doubt the player of the game. Im calling him as WAC player of the week after a big game vs. NMSU Saturday.

-Kevin Bell tied his career high for the third time this season with 16. He was 0-4 from three but made 5-11 from two and more importantly 6-6 at the line. He should have had a handful more assists but Mr Blair needs to learn to have his hand above his waist in a position to catch a pass when players penetrate. Bell was a true floor leader tonight.

-Hector Hernandez played a great first half and was able to return to a form of himself from earlier in the season. He shot 3-8 from three which is an improvement, he also had 5 rebounds and made plays defensively. He was very active tonight and was able to have quality minutes and contribute well. Maybe Alex Blairs recent success has forced him to see the light and understand he has to be more than a stand up jumpshooter.

-Quinton Hosley had 12 points and 8 rebounds to go with one brutal and nasty spill trying to dunk in a Kevin Bell miss. It looked painful on TV and I was surprised he got up and shook it off so easily. He made 2-5 from three and was frustrated around the rim but had a putback and a couple free throws late that lead to the victory. Keep busting ass Q.

-The bench was not much to speak of. Alex Blair needs to make himself more accessible and not watch the play but cut to the rim and have the hands ready. Tyson Parker looked lost and was not willing to pull the trigger and the coaches got on him for it. Sean Taylor got bullied near the rim and didnt do much. Ajay Riding played well and I liked his effort and contributions and he did not turn the ball over which is key off the bench.

-Eddie Miller was a ghost and beholden to the law of averages coming off of his career high 27. Better figure it out by Sat. E Miller.

Bottom line was it was a road win and those are hard to come by for this team and I was happy with the effort. If they played with this effort and attitude at home they beat La Tech by 15.

Up Next:

The Bulldogs return to action and look for their 4th straight win Saturday at 6pm versus New Mexico State. The game will be televised locally on KFRE and Ralph Wood and the guy he calls "the coach" will make the call. He is a good old boy who calls the team "we" and "our guys". He is also more enamored with unsuccessful plays then with plays that are made it seems, he is just a special color guy and we here at Measure Buildup would love to do a podcast with "the coach".

I miss the old day of Physioc and Belluomni calling all the Bulldog TV games. Hard to believe they were the guys now that they have their Fox Sports Net deals. Oh the good old days of "he hits" and "how do you like it?"

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