Thursday, February 15, 2007

BMW Sportvan, Redesigned Mercedes G, The Demon

BMW is always trying to expand and develop products into the ever-changing automotive industry, and this looks like the next venture. Much like the Mercedes R class, this "Sportvan" looks more like a squating hatchback than a Van. This pictured version is based on the 5 series, but there are plans to also have a smaller cheaper version based on the 3 series. Because the X5 is also based on the 5 series chassis, we know this will be easy and cheap for them to do, of course that is when you factor in how much they will charge for something like this.
Picture from Motortrend.
The Mercedes GL has never been good looking, or made much sense. The "redesign" further proves this, by staying pretty much exactly the same everywhere but on the inside. You have seen them possibly driving around. Usually a woman is behind the wheel, someone who wanted a Hummer, but thought it wasn't high class enough for them and their bleach blonde hair, fake breasts, and their new Louis Vuitton handbag.
Picture from Jalopnik.
The Dodge Demon. Dodge tries to cut into the 2 seater open air market. They are aiming at the Mazda Miata market. The exterior design is a little odd, probably something you really need to see in person to pass final judgement on, as is any car this small in size. Interior looks nice, looks to have plenty of room, and easily as good as the other cars in the class. Hard to not look better than the boring and uninspired Miata, but it will be hard to look as good as the Saturn Sky does in person, especially if you have to look like a Dodge.

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