Monday, October 16, 2006

NBA Basketball

Just as we are really digging into the College Football and NFL seasons, I can't help put peer into the not so distant future. Time really does fly, and before you will even have the chance to chow down on some Turducken we must remember that come this October 31st, we will get to see Dwayne Wade, Shaquille Oneal, Steve Nash, and Kobe Bryant do their best impression of an NBA Basketball player on Halloween, as the NBA Regular Season begins.

Bulls @ Heat 5 pm
Suns @ Lakers 7:30 pm (pacific) (Both On TNT)

We can begin asking a few questions...

-Will the Suns find a new way to shoot the ball earlier in the shot clock?
-Will the Lakers continue to win with virtually no talent aside from Kobe Bryant?
-Will the Heat continue to win with virtually no talent aside from Dwayne Wade and Shaq?

And Finally....

-Will the Bulls have players in the lineup whose names we can understand ?

And now, back to football season... The Cardinals sure did blow it.


Anonymous said...

I think the blog should have more discussion about politics!

MB said...

I dont think you want to see Measured Buildup immerse itself in the political realm, it would be downright ugly. Go to for lefties or for righties.