Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Skyline GTR spy pics

The 08 Skyline GTR is in its final stages of development and those Americans who have always wanted a taste of the legend will get the opportunity. The newest version, unlike its predecessors, will rest on 2-door architecture and most likely plant a bi-turbo V6 underhood. If the rumored power numbers are confirmed, the GTR will be what Nissan enthusiasts have been wanting since the horsepower wars are not being called off anytime soon. I would question whether this car has the overall visual package to place it in the echelon of where Nissan is aiming. The nameplate, chassis design, and rumored power mill all point to an excellent package, but does the cars styling cues minus the rear look all that different than a 350Z?

Also, I would like to see this car be the first production car to feature the LED Headlights we have been seeing on concept cars in the past. It would definately help set it apart from the competition.

Winding Road Spy Pics

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