Tuesday, October 10, 2006

PS3 Pre-Order

As alot of you know, game stores such as GameStop began taking pre-orders on the PS3 today.

And for those of us who had lives to attend to, we could not get to a store early in the day to reserve what little pre-orders most gaming stores had. Although it's a little over a month before they are actually released, it would be nice to know you don't have to hit ebay come launch to get one, for twice MSRP.

Everyone who missed out, rumor has it sometime towards the end of next week, Wii is supposedly going on Pre-order. This is from 2 seperate sources from local game stores.

[UPDATE: Didn't take long did it? There is easily 25+ Systems ready to be sold for 2 and even 3 times as much as MSRP on Ebay.
Ebay Link
Gamestop reported that they were soldout of preorders by 2pm ET]

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