Monday, October 30, 2006

Week in Review: College Football

"I better not see you fist pumping in Corvallis ever again Petey"

"No matter what they say, 500 yards passing is a W in my heart"

#1 Ohio State 44 Minnesota 0

Total and utter domination by "the" Ohio State University was no surprise here. The main goal for the Buckeyes is to stay injury free in the upcoming weeks so they can go into the showdown game vs. Michigan at full strength.

#2 Michigan 17 Northwestern 3

Not the most spectacular showing by the Manninghamless Wolverines, but any win is a good win and refer to the above post for UM's goal for the next few weeks.

#3 USC 31 Oregon State 33

I guess if the mighty Trojans and their illustrious fist-pumping leader had to have their 27-game conference winning streak get snapped, I would not have picked Mike Rileys Beavs to do it after watching them play a few times this year (Mainly the 4td beatdown Boise State handed them). The Beavers tried to give this game away after they took a 30-10 lead with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd qt. "Steve" had a monster game with 11 catches for 258 yards and JDB was not the reason the Trojans fell short. Kudos to Matt Moore who has been much maligned and even benched at times this year, he didnt make the big mistakes and played admirably. Also to be recognized was WR Sammie Stroughter who had a huge game with 8 catches for 127 yards and added a game changing 70 yard punt return that proved the difference.

#5 Texas 35 Texas Tech 31

It must be difficult to accept a loss when your stat line reads like this: 42 of 62 for 519 yards and 3 Tds. A home loss on top of it. Tech QB Graham Harrell and coach Mike Leach's passing attack has its way of doing this at times, it may also happen when your DBs get torched multiple times for big TDs. The Red Raiders led this game by 21 points in the second qt, but the Longhorns led by freshman QB Colt McCoy made key conversions in the first half to close the gap and added key defensive stops to put them in a position to win. (Has their ever been a time when CFB featured two QBs name Colt? The other is Hawaii QB Colt Brennan, and both Colts have had great years thus far. Well played Colts.)

#7 Auburn 23 Mississippi 17

Tube's team keeps things interesting as usual, winning another SEC game by close margins. In my opinion, the one thing that has plagued offensive coordinator Al Borges' attack has been scoring TDs in the redzone. Even the great 04' team had trouble scoring in the redzone but it was masked because of a better vertical passing game and that team featured a staunch defense. On the other side of things, the Orgeron led Rebels could not overcome 2 crucial interceptions by former College of the Sequoias QB Brent Schaeffer.

#10 Clemson 7 Virginia Tech 24

Clemson hit the road to Blacksburg for the Thursday night ESPN game and layed quite an egg. Just when you think Clemson has found a way to play when having some success, coach Tommy Bowden's team hits the wall. The ACC is an utterly chaotic conference at his point. Clemson may be wondering why they cant don those purple uniforms for every game. If not that, then they should propose taking that rock on the road trips for good measure.

#11 Notre Dame 38 Navy 14

This was the first step for Notre Dame and head profane-spewer Charlie Weiss in cementing their place as a bona fide US service academy. Its just too bad that the Marines didnt field a team or the Irish could drop that upcoming USC game or they could have replaced that pesky game against Michigan with it. I think after seeing some shots from Dreamy QB Brady Quinn's article in Interview magazine, he may not have what it takes to be a real soldier.

#20 Nebraska 29 Oklahoma State 41

I guess all of that "are they back" talk can subside now with this semi-embarrasing Big 12 loss. Give Oklahoma State credit, they have turned it around considering just how bad they were last year.

#21 Georgia Tech 30 Miami 23

So how did all of that off-season house cleaning with you coaching staff work out for you Coach Coker? Maybe those wholesale staff changes were not the answer and the U may just make that one big change after this season.

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