Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This is part of the solution?

Since last years epic loss to then #1 USC the Fresno State Bulldogs have been in quite a freefall to say the least. That tag is based on losing 8 of the last 9 and being featured at #5 on ESPNs wonderful listing of the bottom 10. (notice there are three WAC teams on the list of 10, ouch) There should be no worries of coach Pat Hill not righting the ship with games ahead against Hawaii, Boise State, and that little trip to Baton Rouge to face those LSU Tigers. The worries shall subside now that you know the team has a new weapon that will be the boost it has been looking for. Skip the gatorade, drop the pickle juice, even ditch the water, and take a swig of the mammaries energy drink, milk. It is the edge that these players have been searching for.

Now we all know this has nary a thing to do with marketing, publicity, or kickbacks, this is exactly what these players need and I am sure that the water jugs and bottles on the sidelines may say gatorade, but we know the truth. Nothing like debuting this newfound partnership five games into a thus far disappointing season to prove that you are doing something to turn it all around. No worries about the lackluster performances of sophmore quarterback Tom Brandstater, lack of playmaking ability anywhere on the defense, or the special teams unit becoming less than mediocre. No, I think its all going to be okay for Coach Hill in Fresno and he can "draw that line in the sand" right after he "stays the course."

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